Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is a strength coach and author. In New Jersey where he lives Jason, runs the workout facility Renegade Gym. A place where guys come to gain muscle fast. Renegade Gym is a place like no other, it doesn’t have any mirrors, no juice bar, sometimes music so loud your teeth rattle.  His gym is only…

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Build Muscle Lose Fat


Discover How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat You want to build muscle and burn fat! Well you’re not alone, this may be one of the most common fitness goals.  But as popular a goal as it is, many people find it difficult and never lose fat, or build muscle. Part of the problem may…

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Contributors Muscle Building, Nutrition and Fat Loss Experts   Dave Ruel – The Muscle cook “Healthy Muscle Building Meals – Nutrition Doesn’t Have To Be Boring” As a competitive bodybuilder, an author and a professional nutritionist Dave got tired of the bland, cardboard tasting diet food he ate and recommended to his clients. So what he…

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