Advanced Muscle Building Secrets

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Regular training tips and steps for you to pack on the most muscle in the shortest amount of time.

Weight Training for your body type

Muscle Building for the Ectomorph

Train heavy...

  1. Bullet stimulates muscle growth

Slower paced workouts...

  1. Bullet longer rest periods

  2. Bullet 2 minute minimum between sets

  3. Bullet allows you to lift heavier and not as metabolically demanding

  4. Bullet keep reps in 4 - 8 range

Train less...

  1. Bullet allow your body plenty of time for growth and recovery...

  2. Bullet 3 weight training workouts per week would be ideal

  3. Bullet sleep a minimum of 8 hrs a night

Reduce cardio...

  1. Bullet keep cardio and other aerobic activities to a minimum

Muscle Building for the Endomorph

Slowest metabolic rate...

  1. Bullet biggest problem is losing bodyfat

Workouts for the Endomorph...

  1. Bullet gains muscle easily

  2. Bullet on average larger bone structure

  3. Bullet generally can lift heavier weights in the gym

Train More...

  1. Bullet need frequent workouts, especially conditioning

  2. Bullet body part split type of routine work well

  3. Bullet rest at least 48 hours between workouts for same body part

High Intensity...

  1. Bullet Each workout must be high intensity

  2. Bullet minimal rest periods, supersets, compound, giant and tri-sets

  3. Bullet lighter to moderate weight

  4. Bullet avoid strength training with low reps

  5. Bullet upper body rep range 8 -12

  6. Bullet lower body reps 8 -20

Muscle Building for the Mesomorph

Genetically gifted...

  1. Bullet can gain weight and lose weight easier than most

  2. Bullet weight strength training sessions can be more frequent and longer then would be good for an ectomorph

  3. Bullet don't have to work as hard in the gym as any other body types for lean muscular physique

Exercise selection...

  1. Bullet heavy

  2. Bullet basic compound movements

  3. Bullet add shaping exercises at end of workout

  4. Bullet vary your exercise selection and program

  5. Bullet single-joint isolation movements for shape

Alternate intensity level...

  1. Bullet 3-4 weeks of high intensity training

  2. Bullet 1 - 2 weeks with lower intensity workouts

  3. Bullet promotes muscle growth and strength

  4. Bullet prevents burnout and over training

  5. Bullet alliterating phases...

  6. Bullet bulking up muscle mass gaining phase

  7. Bullet fat loss phase

Rep range...

  1. Bullet 6 -12 for most bodyparts.

  2. Bullet legs can on occasion go as high as 20

Overtraining in the weight room...

  1. Bullet natural genetic advantage can lead to overtraining

  2. Bullet include light, moderate, and heavy training days

  3. Bullet include deload weeks of lower intensity

  4. Bullet 7.5 – 9hrs of sleep per night

  5. Bullet take an extra day of rest if your motivation, energy, or strength level is lacking

  6. Bullet only train fully recovered body parts