Rinse And Repeat Weight Loss Calorie Method

fat loss muscle building q & AI’ve received a lot of questions with the same theme lately.

So today I thought I’d dig in and answer a few for you.

First question…

Question: Jason, I don’t really know how many calories I should be eating to preserve what little mass I have left and still lose fat. 1400-1600 was the best I could figure, but I’m not really sure if that’s too much or too little.

That’s a great question on a confusing topic.


Calories are needed to build muscle. Then on the other hand. A calorie deficit is needed to burn fat.

Conflicting and confusing.

The best thing we can do to get lean and defined muscles is hit the weights.

This will ensure you maintain muscle mass.

If your body needs the muscle. It’ll do what it can to keep it. So get in the gym and move lots of iron. Prove to your body that it needs muscle.

To lose the love handles there has to be a calorie deficit.

If your pant size is dropping at a crazy rate. Add in some calories.

If it’s not moving or going in the wrong direction subtract a few calories.

Plans are great for this. You can use any program you like but the easiest program I’ve found is this…


This system allows you to eat the things you love and go in a calorie deficit without going crazy.


Question: I have pretty skinny arms. Can I train them 3x per week without over training?

Jason: Yes. The arms are a small muscle group. They can only handle light weight. Not like squats and deadlifts.

You have a better chance of getting board training them all the time then you do of overtraining.

Don’t overthink it. You’re body will let you know what’s up.

Last one for today…

Question: Hey Jason, I’m in my early 40’s. I’ve been at this diet and exercise thing for a few years now. I’m getting stronger, which I like. But the problem is that I still have a flabby stomach and love handles. I’ve lost 25lbs so far, but now I feel as though I’m stuck…. any suggestions?

Jason: This happens to everyone. Don’t worry about it. You’ve made progress which is great. Congratulations.

Our bodies are like that. It’s rare that there’s steady progress. I talk a little more about that here…


But if you’ve stalled out for 2 weeks look at cutting you calories a little more.

If that worked.


If not.

Rinse and repeat.

My preferred method is to use the program I mentioned in the first question (http://jasoncscs.com/goto/fasting.)

It really does help and gives you a lot of freedom.

To your success,


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