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6 Pack Abs Exercise The Plank With Oblique Tuck

Great Ab Combo Plank Exercises Demonstration Don’t think about another ab exercise until you’ve mastered this one. Even though you’re still and don’t use weight, this is still a great core exercise. Planks do more then work your abs. The also hit your shoulders, arms, back, and glutes. My friends over at Critical Bench put together…

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Prevent Back Pain

Back Problems – Is It Worth It? The other day I was doing my thing when I heard this scream and crash. I looked over and a heavyset lady in her thirties was in a heap on the floor. She was red-faced. I think more from embarrassment than anything thing else. She got up. Brushed…

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Front Lever Progressions

best ab and back exercise

6 Pack Abs With The Front Lever Bodyweight exercises are fantastic for building strength and getting in shape. Front levers are one of those incredible body weight exercises that build up a tremendous amount of back strength along with getting killer abs.   Front Lever You

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Simple Yet Effective Exercise To Relieve Back Pain

simple exercise for back pain

The other day I went to see the movie, The Wolverine. It had lots of fights… blood guts and gore. The perfect date night movie. Normally when Wolverine gets shot or cut, he heals in seconds. His body pushes out the bullets. The skin heals over. It’s like nothing ever happened. And… he never ages!…

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Pushups To Bench More?

Can push ups really help to improve your bench press? After all, when doing a typical push up, you are only pushing (at most), 70% of your body weight. I tip the scales at 210. That means when I do push ups it’s like benching 145lbs. That’s not an impressive bench for a 210lb guy.…

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Alternating Lunge Jumps

How To Burn More Fat With The Lunge Jump Plyometric Exercise Fire up your metabolism with alternating lunge jumps. Plyometric exercises are a good way to boost your heart rate and add intensity to any fat burning workout. But you have to be careful with them. Because plyometric exercises are so intense, you need

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Deadlift Form – How To Deadlift

deadlift king of exercises

Get Stronger With The Proper Deadlift Form Since you are reading this I’m going to assume you know how great an exercise the deadlift is and I don’t need to go into the value of the exercise. So I’m only going to lay out how to deadlift, the proper deadlift technique and a few common errors.…

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