Core Exercise Demo - How To Do The Pallof Press

Basic Cable Pallof Press

The Pallof press was invented by a physical therapist who bears its name. It's a great anti-rotation core stability exercises.

  1. Set an adjustable cable to shoulder height.
  2. Get in an athletic stance.
  3. Grab a D handle or rope and fully extend your arms out front.

Key Points To Remember

  • Keep your chest up and ribs locked down.
  • Only arms move, rest of body doesn't move.
  • Maintain a god athletic stance.

Variations Of  The Pallof Press Exercise

Demo of the Pallof Press with a cable. This is the most common variation of the exercise.

The Pallof Press With A Band and Suspension Straps

Use a light band for this. This variation is the same as cable variation. Remember to stand in an athletic stance with soft knees.

Progressions and Regressions:

  1. Increase or decrease the band tension by moving closer or further away from the support.
  2. Hold the bander higher than chest level.

Supine Pallof Press

The supine Pallof Press is the easiest variation. It's a good place to start.

Feel free to use either a a light band or a cable machine.

Other Core Exercises Worth Trying

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