How To Do The Bear Crawl Exercise

This isn't a complicated exercise. Here's how to do it...

  • Support your body weight with your feet and hands.
  • Keep your hips low and your back flat.
  • Under control move your hands and feet to cove the specified distance.

Variations Of The Bear Crawl Exercise

Bear Crawl Variations

The Bear Crawl is is a versatile exercise. The only limit is your imagination.

A few things to try...

Set up a 10x10 box. Face forward the entire time as you go around all the cones.

Pull a sled behind you. Or put your hands an two plates, push and pull those.

Slow Controlled Bear Crawl

Many people make the mistake of hurting through this exercise. It isn't meant to be rushed. Take your time and keep your technique solid.

Speeding through can lead to bad form which can cause injuries.

Keep your back flat and your hips level.

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