Core Exercise Demo - How To Do Gorilla Burpees

Basic Of The Gorilla Burpee

  1. Feet are wider. So your hips can drop low.
  2. Hands are placed on floor between legs.
  3. When you jump back in feet go outside hands and the hips stay low.

Safe And Effective Burpee Variation For Beginners

  • Use a box to elevate hand placement.
  • Move one leg at at a time.
  • Work on keeping hips down and back flat.

The Problem With Burpees

Burpees are a common exercise. Crossfit may have made them even more popular. But like every exercise they do there are problems. As the speed and intensity pick up and the fatigue increases the burpee becomes more and more hazardous. Thats where the Gorilla Burpee comes in.

As you can see in the picture on the left typical burpee has a lot of back rounding.

As you fatigue or race against the clock the hips can start to sag while you're in the push up position.

If you're like most, you spend the majority of your day seated. And hunched over a desk or computer. The last thing your back needs is more bending of the spine.



The man behind this exercise is Royal H. Burpee.

When first invented in the 1930's Mr. Burpee used the exercise to test the strength and agility of soldiers. It tested a soldier's ability to quickly get down when shots were fired. Then be able to quickly get back up and return fire.

When first introduced it was never intended to be a high volume exercise. He writes,

The burpee exercise is strenuous and most appropriate for those already in good cardiovascular shape.

His test only lasted 20 seconds, and was only done once. The benchmark was 13 reps. Any less and you were considered in poor shape. Any more was ideal.

Burpee recognized that high reps, could cause problems with the knees and back, particularly for those with poor core strength.

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