How Many Calories In A Banana

Who Else Wants To Know How Many Calories In A Banana? In this article, I will share… how many calories in a banana, nutritional information, a delicious banana bread protein shake recipe, and a few other interesting facts like, how effective bananas are at preventing cramps. Or, are there more calories in a banana that is…

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Barbell Complex Workout Routines

How To Use The Barbell Complex To Build Muscle and Burn Fat It doesn’t matter if you have have just set up your garage gym and the only exercise equipment you have is an Olympic barbell and bumper plates. You can still get a great workout. On the other hand, you could workout in a gym with…

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Metabolic Resistance Training

burn fat and build muscle with metabolic resistance training

Discover How To Lose Fat And Build Stamina With Metabolic Resistance Training System Metabolic Resistance Training… What is it? Is it really the best way to train for fat loss? Metabolic Resistance Training or MRT for short are short workouts that combine cardio and strength training. They’re designed to burn fat and maintain, and in some…

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Program Review

Program Review Muscle Building Programs Weight Loss Programs Meal Programs Diet Programs General Fitness Programs  

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Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel, better known as… the “Muscle Cook” With a nickname like the Muscle Cook you know this guy knows what it takes to… → build muscle… → burn body fat… → make fitness friendly foods taste great Dave earned his nickname of “The Muscle Cook” by creating and developing healthy recipes and fat loss Meal Plans…

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Fitness Doctrine

Welcome to Fitness Doctrine  Are you looking to build muscle? How about lose a little of that belly fat? Or are you just looking to get in shape to look good naked? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This site explores the different training protocols used today and of years gone by. As you look through…

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What Is The Best Home Gym And Garage Gym Equipment

Best equipment for a home gym set up

  Garage Gym Work Out Equipment What you need for a home garage gym set up to lose weight and build lean muscle. You’ll be happy to know that you don’t need a lot of equipment to get a good workout. That makes a garage gym set up easy and budget friendly. Before we get into the details…

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Want A Pizza Recipe For A Healthy Diet

Free Healthy Diet Pizza Recipe

Healthy & Delicious High Protein Cajun Chicken Pizza Recipe Do you love pizza as much as me? If so you’re going to love this recipe. Not only is it delicious but it’s physique friendly. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to lose weight or build lean muscle, this recipe has you covered. Low in fat, carbs,…

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Check Your Email

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How To Hold A Knife And Chop Vegetables Like A Chef

Knife Skills chop like a chef

Knife skills and your perfect body. Doesn’t matter if you want to burn fat, build muscle or a combination of the two. A good diet is essential. Mess up here and you’ll be spinning your wheels like a car with summer tires in the first snowstorm of the year. Getting your nutrition on point is easy…

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