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 Are you looking to build muscle? How about lose a little of that belly fat?

Or are you just looking to get in shape to look good naked? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This site explores the different training protocols used today and of years gone by. As you look through the pages of the site, you’ll find everything you need to build muscle, get stronger, lose weight and look your absolute best.

It doesn’t matter if you are confused and don’t know where to start or have been in the fitness game for some time. There’s something to help you at every step. There are beginner techniques, all the way up to the most advanced. There is something for everyone.

If for some reason you can’t find what you are looking for contact me and I will point you in the right direction or put up a post with an answer for everyone to benefit from.

My name is Jason, the guy in the picture on the right.  I’m a certified strength and conditioning coach in Atlanta, Georgia and the author of Fitness Doctrine.

What I have done is make this an honest, no hype source for all your questions when it comes to changing your body. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Muscle building
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise instruction
  • Cardiovascular health

I’m not an expert in every category, so what Fitness Doctrine does is bring you the best information from the smartest and most cutting edge coaches when it comes to every aspect of health and fitness.

To understand what this site is about, it makes sense for me to first define the words the site is based upon, Fitness Doctrine.

Fitness – is difficult to define. It’s often considered to be in good condition, good shape, or exercising. My opinion of fitness and thus the direction of the blog is in the most simple of terms…

your ability to perform physical activity.

Expanding on that, good nutrition, good strength, energy and a general feeling of well being also has to be included.

Doctrine – is an easier term to define. In the most strictest of definitions, Webster defines it as a principle or position; the body of principles, teachings, or instructions; taught principles in a branch of knowledge; a system of belief.

  • a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion
  • a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject

Fitness Doctrine is a site that explores the different approaches to body transformations.

When it comes to exercise, fitness, and nutrition, there are many different doctrines or dogmas. What you will find throughout this site are different systems and principles to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are.

You will discover useful information on all the following topics (and more):

Fitness Doctrine TopicsMuscle building

Fitness Doctrine TopicsWeight loss

Fitness Doctrine TopicsHealthy diet nutrition

Fitness Doctrine TopicsHealthy muscle building diets

Fitness Doctrine TopicsExercise

Fitness Doctrine is a site dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.

About Me

As I mentioned, my name is Jason. That is me up there in the top right corner. As a strength and conditioning coach, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different people, at many different fitness levels. I have plenty to share and can help you reach your goals.

I have a strong educational background with certifications from many different organizations including USA Track and Field, USA Olympic Lifting, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and many more. My education has made a difference, but what I have found to be of most value is helping people like you reach goals. Working with people and training for years myself, I can provide you with answers books can’t.

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Enjoy the site, transform your body, and feel free to send me your questions.

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