Warning: Exercise can Mess Up Your Diet and Weight Loss

why more exercise doesn't mean more weight loss

Are you killing yourself with exercise but, not losing weight?

Wiping away a bead of sweat your heart sinks as the clock comes into focus.

You’re only 15 minutes in…

still another 45 to go.

Eat less, exercise more.” is what they say.

So that’s what you do.

Everyday you’re up before the roosters busting your butt on the dreadmill, in spin class, or boot camp.

But for what.

Your body hurts. You’re dead tired. And the scale keeps going up.

Seems like the harder you work the more weight you gain.

You’re sick of it.

Do you have to work out harder?

Do you have to work out longer?

There has to be a better way.

Newsflash: It’s A Numbers Game

Weight loss is a numbers game

On the surface eat less and more exercise to lose weight makes sense.

You run a mile. You burn about 100 calories. And the more exercise you do, the more calories you burn.

Double your millage and cover two miles. You double the calories, burning about 200. Run 10 miles. You blow through roughly 1000 calories.

Simple math.

Tough to argue with. And I’m not about to disagree with the laws of thermodynamics.

So, on paper, move more works.

But what does this set you up for?


The Real Truth About Exercise and Calories

Truth Exercise andweight loss

When starting out, no one has the time or energy to burn a significant amount of calories through exercise to lose weight.

We know a pound of body fat contains about 3500 calories. And that you burn about 100 calories every mile you cover.

Doesn’t matter how fast you are either.

Blaze trough a mile like world class runner and finish under 4 minutes. You burn 100 calories. Take 20 minutes to walk a mile and you still burn 100 calories.

So some simple math tells us that it takes about 35 miles to burn a pound of fat.

Therefore, if you want to lose 30 pounds, that requires close to 1100 miles of running. If your goal is 50 pounds. Expect to log about 1800 miles.

When you’re starting out, a walk around the block takes a grueling 20 minutes. Imagine how long it will take to cover 35 miles to burn a single pound of fat.

That’s a lot if time on the treadmill and trails.

Other forms of cardio don’t fair any better.

Zumba class, swimming, pilates. None of them are as intense as running. So you’ll burn even fewer calories.

Do you have that kind of time?

Do you want to put in that much time?

Even if you said yes, all your effort may be in vain. It doesn’t take long for hunger and fatigue to sabotage your weight loss efforts.

3 Ways How More Exercise Can Make You Fatter

1. Overestimation of Calories Burned

exercise and calories burned

You crushed your workout. Your activity tracker flashes and beeps like a Vegas slot machine.

But you’re being conned.

Cardio equipment and fitness trackers overestimate the number of calories burned durning a workout. Thinking you have reliable intel, you don’t hesitate to reach for a well deserved treat or an extra helping.

The sad matter of the truth.

Exercise doesn’t burn as many calories as we’d like or are lead to believe.

So any sports drinks or extra food you consume negate your workout efforts. Your calorie deficit quickly becomes a surplus.

That surplus then becomes unwanted body fat.


2. Out of Control Hunger

Out ofControl Hunger

Whammy number two.

Insatiable hunger.

After a long bout of vigorous exercise your stomach gurgles nonstop. Then, in an attempt to squash your hunger you end up eating more than you would if you never exercised.

Any calorie deficit created from your workout evaporates.

Before you know it, you’ve consumed twice as many calories as you burned. And your waist line expands.

3. Fatigue

workout fatigue

Watch the Biggest Loser or or an exercise infomorticials and you’ll notice spit and sweat flying everywhere as men and women exercise to lose weight. Coaches, trainers, and instructors get in your face yelling and bullying you to squeeze out every ounce of energy.

But it’s counterproductive.

When you’re done, you’re pooped. You spend the rest of the day zoned out like a zombie roaming a deserted town.

Addictive Vs. Constrained Model of Calorie Expenditure

constrained model of Exercise and energy expenditure

New research describes a constrained model of calorie expenditure. It states that increases in exercise intensity and duration are offset by decreases in non-exercise activities. So you sit more and fidget less as your body does all it can to conserve energy.

Workout too hard and your energy conservation lasts for days. You continue to eat. But your body doesn’t burn those calories and your waistline expands.

Less Exercise Equals More Weight Loss

As we’ve seen, spending hours in the gym and pushing to your breaking point isn’t going to get you into those skinny jeans.

However, the right exercise will help tighten and tone your trouble spots. So you look fabulous in, and out of your clothes.

So instead of killing yourself on the elliptical, hit the weights.

Spend 15 minutes, two or three times a week doing a full body workout.

You Only Need 3 Moves to Transform your Body

In three moves you can transform you body in ways cardio can’t. And in less time than it takes to walk a mile.

So what moves do you need?

  1. An upper body push exercise.
  2. A upper body pull exercise.
  3. A lower body exercise.

You can use machines, free weights, even your body weight. The choice is yours.

For example, here’s a routine you can do with free weights:

Dumbbell Routine Example

  1. Push Press
  2. One Arm Bent Over Row
  3. Goblet Squat

And here are some exercises you can do with just your body weight:

Body Weight Routine Example 

  1. Push Ups
  2. Inverted Row
  3. Squat

Put on your favorite playlist. Do a little warm-up. Follow up with two or three sets for each exercise, and you’re done.

Increase Your NEAT.

decrease Exercise Increase NEAT

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is a fancy way to describe the energy you expend performing physical activities other than intentional exercise.

Studies show that those who engage in the most NEAT, burn considerably more calories throughout the day and are correspondingly leaner than those who are more sedentary.

Increasing your NEAT is simple. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Stand instead of sitting. Even doing more chores around the house increases NEAT.

So ditch the marathon workouts. Hit the weights, increase your NEAT and watch your body change.


Do What You Love

do what you love in exercise and life

Over 2500 years ago Hippocrates provided the same advice. He recommended that his heaviest patients exercise to exhaustion, then eat while out of breath.

Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

Breaking the shackles of the gym by adding resistance training and NEAT opens up a new world of opportunities.

Exercise doesn’t have to be formal, boring or taxing. Instead of killing yourself, do what you love.

Dancing, walking, even gardening or housework, it all increases NEAT and contributes to your calorie expenditure without draining you.

And you don’t need to schedule gym time.

Pepper it throughout your day.

Do it with friends, family, or coworkers.

Have fun and live life.

Sprinkle in a few days of resistance training and your fat loss is faster. You become more defined tightening and toning your trouble spots.

As you get stronger, you’ll find life becomes easier.


Carrying in your groceries or kids. No problem.

Blood sugar and cholesterol levels improve.

Your balance and coordination improves.

Your mood, and confidence improves.

Not only do you have more time to do the things you love. You’ll feel like doing them. And look good doing it.

Out of the Gym And Into Your Skinny Jeans

Out of the Gym And Into Your SkinnyJeans

Spending hours on the treadmill, in spin class, and boot camps with nothing to show for it can leave you frustrated, confused, and angry.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You’re not doomed to living in the gym or battling the scale.

Use the tips above to banish your belly fat, take control of your weight and get into your skinny jeans.

I don’t claim you’ll lose 10 pounds in 10 days. But I do guarantee this is a part of a sustainable plan that leads to permanent weight loss.

Start today and put your struggles behind you.

Imagine how you’ll feel.

No more marathon sessions in the gym.

You’ll have more time. More energy. And the body you want.

It’s easier than you think.

Easier than you what you’ve been doing.

Grab your free weight loss blueprint