Beginners Guide To Building Lean Mass

Beginners guide to building lean muscle

10 Muscle Building Rules: A Beginners Guide To Build Lean Mass As Fast As PossibleBeginners Guide To Building Muscle

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Biggest New Year’s Fitness Mistake

Are You Making This Weight Loss Mistake Even Though Seemed Like A Good Idea

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday break and you didn’t deviate too far from what it takes to get your perfect body.   Now that the holiday season is over people are back to work and kids are back to school. That means

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How To Hold A Knife And Chop Vegetables Like A Chef

Knife Skills chop like a chef

Knife skills and your perfect body. Doesn’t matter if you want to burn fat, build muscle or a combination of the two. A good diet is essential. Mess up here and you’ll be spinning your wheels like a car with summer tires in the first snowstorm of the year. Getting your nutrition on point is easy…

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Back to the Future Day


Today is Back to the Future Day. What’s that you ask? An even bigger question may be… what does this have to do with building muscle, burning fat, and looking great naked? Fair enough.

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Fat Loss – What Happens To it When You Lose Weight?


Fat! Where Does it Go When You Lose Weight? On the way to a flat stomach and 6 pack abs, you go on a diet to shed the unwanted belly fat. Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to the love handles, spare tire and excess fat as your abs begin to emerge? What…

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Can These Foods Cure Cancer and Help Me Lose Weight?


The health and fitness industry is filled with Fitness Fugazies. They operate in plain sight pushing new discovery in weight loss, muscle building, or alternative health. But every so often one of these Fitness Fugazi gets exposed. The truth emerges and the house of lies they built comes crumbling down. Some, like Dr Oz prove to be resilient. They…

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Will Doing Cardio Really Make Me Fat

Does cardio make you fat

If you want to blast body fat to reveal a set of ripped abs. Or you’re just looking to lose a few pounds. Cardio immediately comes to mind. Pick your poison. Running on the treadmill, jumping in on a spin class, or climbing the equivalent of the Empire State Building on the stairmaster, it all get…

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A More Efficient Way For Me To Burn Fat And Build Muscle


Like Sitting In Traffic… Your Workouts Are A Waste Of Time Discover How To Get Better Results In Less Time It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat or a combination of both… the majority of your workout is a waste of time. Just like sitting in LA traffic. I love southern California.From…

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Seinfeld’s Super Simple Success Strategy

jerrys-simple-secret Body transformation formula

Do you want a better body? Want to sculpt muscle and burn body fat? Do you find it difficult motivating yourself to stick with a workout program long enough to see the results you want? If so, this simple strategy is for you.

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How A UPS Policy Can Save You Time In the Gym And Get Better Workouts

ups policy for less time in the gym

How To Get Better Weight Loss Or Muscle Building Results By Taking Advice From UPS I guess this has been in place for a while. So, this may be old news to you. I read about this recently…

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