Keanu Reeves’ Acting, Building Muscle And Burning Fat

What Keanu Reeves Acting Can Teach You About Building Muscle And Burning Fat

This weekend I went to see John Wick starring Keanu Reeves. I have to admit. I enjoyed it. If

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Dr. Oz And Weight Loss Diet Scams

Every year millions of people put their money and trust in weight loss diet products. Every year those same millions, lose their money, gain weight, and end up in worse shape after trying these different miracle cures. Not knowing where to turn for help, and tired of the weight loss rollercoaster, looking to a doctor makes sense. After all,…

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Bodybuilding Fitness Magazine Brainwashing


I first started to lift weights in grade 11 or 12. Being a skinny high schooler I wanted to beef up and build muscle. So I joined a gym down the gym from school. Like any high school kid I was clueless. I didn’t have the faintest idea of what I was doing. Nothing was…

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Your Fitness Goals & Lost Moments – Don’t Go Down With A Sinking Ship

wasted time in the gym

Where does the time go? Hard to believe it’s Monday. The weekend is already behind us. Hope you enjoyed yours and made the most of it. Too bad I

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Oh what A week…

an unlikely-source of advice of tips for your perfect body

A bachelor party A wedding And a honeymoon. That’s what my week in Vegas looked like. And it was a heck of a ride! I don’t think we could have packed in any more if we tried. In addition

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Beware, The Fitness Fugayzies Are Everywhere.

waring weight loss and muscle buildingFitness Fugayzies

Don’t eat this death-sentence carb, ever! (Backed by hard science.) 4 Minute Set Gives You 12 Pounds of Muscle In 6 Weeks. The #1 worst workout of all time, you’re likely doing it! (Extremely Important!!) Lose a pound in 15 minutes, crazy but true! Discover How You Can Gain Up To 5… 10… 15… & Even…

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Lose Weight And Build Muscle On Vacation Without Hitting The Gym

How to get your perfect body while on vacation

Are the summer vacations and weekend BBQs wreaking havoc on your workouts? Are they keeping you clear of the gym? You’re not alone. This time of year gyms are like ghost towns. For 95% of

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Bulletproof Coffee. Does It Live Up To It’s Claims?

bulletproff coffee help or hype

You have most likely heard of Bulletproof Coffee. If you haven’t let me fill you in. It’s considered biohacking your cup of Joe. Bulletproof Coffee is a blend of special beans that have gone through a top secret process to remove unnamed mycotoxins. Add to the mix lots of fat, in the form of butter and oil, and you have a…

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The Total Package Speed Size Strength

Were you surprised? The 79th NFL draft has come and gone. There were a few unexpected surprises as things didn’t go as planned for a few future pros. After a lot of hype Johnny Football gets passed over as top pick. The A&M star was pushed deep down in the first round. Rising to the top was a…

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Workout Q&A

Fitness Doctrine Q&A Workout Intensity

I love getting your emails. Thanks. And keep sending them in. I have a good one to share with you today. It’s from Pamela, and she’s new to my methods but not to exercises. She has a great question that you’ve probably thought about yourself. She brings up a good question about where to start and how…

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