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Fat Loss – What Happens To it When You Lose Weight?


Fat! Where Does it Go When You Lose Weight? On the way to a flat stomach and 6 pack abs, you go on a diet to shed the unwanted belly fat. Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to the love handles, spare tire and excess fat as your abs begin to emerge? What…

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Will Doing Cardio Really Make Me Fat

Does cardio make you fat

If you want to blast body fat to reveal a set of ripped abs. Or you’re just looking to lose a few pounds. Cardio immediately comes to mind. Pick your poison. Running on the treadmill, jumping in on a spin class, or climbing the equivalent of the Empire State Building on the stairmaster, it all get…

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Dr. Oz And Weight Loss Diet Scams

Every year millions of people put their money and trust in weight loss diet products. Every year those same millions, lose their money, gain weight, and end up in worse shape after trying these different miracle cures. Not knowing where to turn for help, and tired of the weight loss rollercoaster, looking to a doctor makes sense. After all,…

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Your Guide To High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

burn fat fast with HIIT

Not many people have the time or enjoy traditional cardio. If that’s you high intensity interval training or HIIT is a great option. HIIT is also a great option if you’re looking to maintain or build lean muscle mass. Cardio belongs in every workout program. It’s not just for weight loss. Take a look at this…

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The Roads Aren’t Safe

It was about 6:30 in the evening yesterday, I was on my way to the gym to get my pump on. Had a killer back and biceps workout planned. Kind of old school, but I love it. The tail end of rush hour traffic was just on their last stretch before they got home. So…

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Rinse And Repeat Weight Loss Calorie Method

Fitness Doctrine questions answers

I’ve received a lot of questions with the same theme lately. So today I thought I’d dig in and answer a few for you. First question… Question: Jason, I don’t really know how many calories I should be eating to preserve what little mass I have left and still lose fat. 1400-1600 was the best…

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Visual Impact Cardio Review

Visual Impact Cardio May Be The Best Way To Lose Weight And Look Great My buddy Rusty Moore has just released his third course, Visual Impact Cardio, Mastering The Skill Of Losing Body Fat. Cardio training is an essential part your you workout program. When it comes to looking your best, it takes more than diet. You…

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