Ben Pakulski The Pak Man


Ben is a pro bodybuilder and author. Although athletic as a kid didn’t have any genetic advantages.

Looking for a completive edge on the ice, Ben turned to weight training at the age of 15.

Ben instantly loved training and lifting heavy weight. His game also improved, he was faster and had more confidence on the ice. That was all it took, Ben was hooked.

You would find him in there everyday, rain or shine.

Armed with little more than a Flex magazine Ben set out to get bigger and stronger.

After about a year of training Ben had achieved that “men’s health” look, but wanted more. He wanted to get even bigger, he wanted to get huge.

So he joined a local “hardcore” gym, and that was when his true passion was discovered… Bodybuilding!

Ben has always been learning from guys bigger, stronger than himself. When he  first started training at the hardcore gym near his home there were 2 brothers that were the biggest and strongest in the gym. Ben would do everything they did.

One of Ben’s earliest gym memories is of an older gentlemen explaining the art of the squat. His words shaped Ben’s approach to training…..

son, the body is an amazing structure, and as with any structure is must begin from the ground first! Build a strong base with your legs, and the rest will follow!

From there Ben went on to learn from Canada’s bodybuilding coach, Scott Abel.

4 years with Scott saw me go from 175lb kid with little abs and a little muscle to a 250lb 20 year old with abs. Able taught Pakulski to be diligent with training and log books, and NEVER miss meals!

Ben took his training one step further. He went to the University of Western Ontario to get a Honors Kinesiology Degree.

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