dave Ruel The Muscle CookDave Ruel, better known as…

the “Muscle Cook

With a nickname like the Muscle Cook you know this guy knows what it takes to…

→ build muscle…

→ burn body fat…

→ make fitness friendly foods taste great

Dave earned his nickname of “The Muscle Cook” by creating and developing healthy recipes and fat loss Meal Plans specific to bodybuilding and fitness.  His recipes were based on complet nutrition. All while maximizing taste. Nutritions and delicious come together.

Nutrition DOESN’T have to be plain and boring!

The days of boiled chicken breasts, plain baked potatoes and broccoli, are gone. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to burn fat and build lean muscle.

With Dave’s recipes, you can have meals that are full of flavours and make it easier to reach your fitness goals, all without spending more time in the kitchen!

He knows that it is possible to cook easy and tasty meals that will make you enjoy your healthy lifestyle a lot more!

Dave has helped people from all walks of life like…

red-checkmarkbodybuilders get shredded for upcoming shows

red-checkmarkfitness models get ready for photo-shoots

red-checkmarkregular fitness enthusiasts transform their physiques!

Currently his cookbook, Anabolic Cooking, has helped thousands of people in over 100 different countries. These people can now enjoy food again!

For 4 years Dave has been been working hard developing this cookbook. Always researching creating and testing all the recipes. His kitchen became your laboratory.

Not all of the recipes made the cut. Some were a disaster. Others were good. But not mouth watering. Only the best were used in the creation of his cookbook.

All the recipes you will find in his recipe book respond to 3 specific criteria:

  1. they are all easy to do
  2. full of flavours
  3. promote muscle building and Weight Loss Recipes

In fact, All the recipes are so easy to do, even a caveman could cook a super tasty meal!

That means you have no excuses!

Dave is also a competitive bodybuilder, a professional Fitness Coach and Nutritionist. He now shares all his knowledge, information and tasty recipes with anybody who is serious about building muscle, burn body fat, and who wants to enjoy bodybuilding and fitness nutrition completely.

Dave believes that the majority of people are mislead and misinformed when it comes to nutrition and cooking, and he is here to change the rules!

For a sample a some of Dave’s Muscle building recipes be sure to get your hands on this free give away. Just tell me where to send it, fill out your name and email address in the forum on the right and I will send it out to you right away!


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