Jeff Anderson The Muscle Nerd Helping People beat their bad geneticsJeff Anderson, the Muscle Nerd was a skinny guy determined to overcome his hardgainer genetics and build muscle.

Driven to finally cheat his genetic limitations Jeff would record every detail of ever workout from every program he has ever done. This strict note keeping and studying earned him the title ”Muscle Nerd” from his fellow gym rats.

He poured over every scrap of his workouts, results, and notes he’d religiously kept from every program he’d ever used.  Jeff did so to determine what worked best when it came to muscle building and burning fat.

Going through these notes Jeff slowly began to see what worked and what didn’t work.

What he accidentally stumbled upon was a unique tactic for using his body’s own genetic defenses against themselves to build more muscle while burning fat.

After 2 more years of experiments and fine-tuning, the result was the creation of the Optimum Anabolics program, a complete step-by-step mass building program created by the “Muscle Nerd” that details the “8 Anabolic Factors” for “programming” your body for greatly increased muscle mass.

Jeff is currently an online fitness consultant and author, forever armed with his dumbbells, notebook and pocket-protector, researching and testing the next new controversial bodybuilding discovery.

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Supplement Review Guide – Supplement Company Secrets

“Your Step By Step Guide To The Best Supplements For Fast Results”

Dave Ruel the muscle cook

A big thanks go out to Jeff for supplying us with this, great little guide showing how some of the most popular supplements being sold for, fat loss, muscle building, and general health are actually quite poor.

In this free report you can expect to find…

– the best supplements to build muscle mass and gain weight

– what supplements work to burn fat

– supplements that really do boost hormone levels

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Muscle Building Secrets – Don’t Let These Mistakes Hold You Back

“Common mistakes guys make when building muscle”

Craig Ballantyne Fat Loss Expert

Don’t let these common mistakes halt your progress in the gym.  Be careful you don’t fall victim to these muscle building erros

In this free report I will reveal three of the most common mass building mistakes guys make in the gym as they try to build more muscle.

Don’t let these mistakes stall your muscle building efforts, after all, you work hard in the gym, why let those efforts go to waste.

Train right and turbocharge your workouts to build muscle fast.

Muscle Building Secrets Revealed

Testosterone Report

“How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Without Steroids”

Tom VenutoIn this free report you can expect to discover how to naturally boost testosterone without steroids.

Because testosterone is the major male hormone responsible for muscle development it’s critical that you produce enough if you want to build muscle fast and…

– burn fat faster

– have better sex

You Absolutely MUST Increase Testosterone And Growth Hormone If Your Goal Is To…

build massive amounts of muscle at breakneck speed while burning fat like a furnace and acquiring the sex drive of a porn star…

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