Can These Foods Cure Cancer and Help Me Lose Weight?


The health and fitness industry is filled with Fitness Fugazies. They operate in plain sight pushing new discovery in weight loss, muscle building, or alternative health.

But every so often one of these Fitness Fugazi gets exposed. The truth emerges and the house of lies they built comes crumbling down.

Some, like Dr Oz prove to be resilient. They can weather the storm. They take some abuse, but bounce back to pedal more useless miracle cures.

Others, get hit hard. Their lies are just too big. Take the story of Belle Gibson.

If you haven’t heard. She’s an Australian health food blogger who built her fame and fortune around alternative medicine and healing foods.

Gibson claimed to have had blood, brain, liver, spleen and uterus cancer all of which she cured by changing her diet and turning to alternative medicine.

According to Gibson avoiding gluten and sugar cured her terminal brain cancer. Her healthy food choices cured her other conditions as well. These changes saved her life and she had to spread the word to the world.

As she did, her popularity soared.

People couldn’t get enough of her. Book sales climbed, people flocked to her website, she was even in talks with apple. The new iWatch was to have her app as a standard preinstalled health app.

But it all came crashing down.

Her popularity was based on lies.

She never had cancer! She has never been sick. She didn’t even give away the promised donations to various charities.

Gibson isn’t the only one to make fraudulent claims. They’re everywhere.

What’s even more disturbing is the popularity these hucksters gain. As we’ve seen with Gibson is that just because someone has a large following doesn’t make them knowledgeable or honest.

If it wasn’t for her lies about the cancer and the charity donations she’d still be in business. All along she was promoting bad science. Her supporters didn’t bat an eye. Apple didn’t care. Nor did her book publishers. All but a few were fine with her pseudo science. There was only outrage when it was discovered she never had cancer.

It highlights how we’re angry she fabricated an experience, not that she was selling bad science.

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t see an ad like…

  • Doctors hate her
  • Supplement companies hate him
  • Fisherman cures diabetes with this one weird trick
  • 10 shocking ways this simple household product can hack your metabolism

There is about as much truth to any of those muscle building and weight loss claims as there is to Gibson’s. Yet they continue to sell their products.

A prime example is the Paleo Diet. It’s popular despite proof that the diet didn’t exist within the Paleolithic era.

If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. I encourage you to be skeptical. Dig deep and ask questions. Even of me.

I know I ask a lot of questions when it comes to supplements.

I always double check claims with Sol. He and his crew dig into the studies to get to the truth. The cool thing about them is that they rate every supplement they study. It gets a grade based on how effective it is.

Check it out…

Stay Strong
Coach Jason

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