Business End Landmine Row

The Business End Landmine Row is a great exercise.

Not only will this exercise work your back but it's great for your grip and core.

The video to the right uses a bench for added support. This is a great place to start, but once you have the moved mastered I encourage you to progress to the unsupported variation.

Unsupported Version

If you have a healthy back this variation is more challenging.

If you have a history of back issues you'll want to stick with the bench supported variation.

How To Do The Business End Landmine Row Exercise

  • Stand in front of the weighted end of the BB so that it runs perpendicular to you.
  • Get a stable base with your legs.
  • The leg on the same side as the hand holding the weight takes a big step backwards.
  • The leg on the opposite side is positioned by the end of the BB.
  • With a cupped overhand grip grab the weighted end.
  • Flatten your back and brace your free forearm on your thigh.
  • Start pulling with your shoulder blade and finish with the elbow.
  • Do all your reps on one side then move to the next.

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