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If you want to be seen as fit and attractive and look your best, geting that same lean muscular physique as a fitness model or a Hollywood sex symbol, this might be the most important information you’ll ever read. Here’s why…

Getting “lean and sharp” requires a different type of lifting than how you see the majority of the guys lifting in your gym or all the bodybuilding magazines.

I have just released 3 new reports that will reveal to you the best Route to An Attractive Body!

Here is a taste of what you will discover in these astonishing body transformation reports:

  • What muscles to build that drive women wild
  •  How to eat for low body fat percentage, but maintain your social life
  • When to use high reps and when to go heavy
  • The best cardio to burn fat that reveals insane muscle tone
  • How to shrink wrap your skin around muscles
  • How to maintain a lean Fight Club physique year round

Jason, I want to see the secrets of fitness models and and Hollywood celebrity trainers that produce those incredible transform.

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Fitness Model Workout Secrets A Step by Step Body Transformation

Fitness Model Workout Body Transformation – Step 1


Discover how to Increase Muscle Density for Maximum Definition…

Your first report reveals how to improve strength and muscle mass for increased muscle density and definition.

Discover the best way to add muscle mass and achieve maximum muscle hardness.

This is important because dense muscle allows you be super lean yet have unreal muscle definition giving you a killer physique. In this report the correct rep ranges for maximum muscle density and muscle tone are revealed.

If you are thinking it is the 20 rep light weight set that gives you muscle tone then you are in need of this report because you will be spinning your wheels. I know this goes against what you have read in main-stream fitness magazines, but that approach doesn’t work.

Fitness Model Workout Body Transformation – Step 2

Discover how to eat for a Low Body Fat Percentage

I am sure you have heard that it is necessary to eat many tiny meals throughout the day to maintain your metabolism and stay lean.
But is it necessary to eat 6  or more meals a day to build muscle or burn fat.
Creating a Calorie Deficit is the #1 Goal in Fat Loss.
Research has shown that the number of meals you eat is not what makes the difference but the amount of total calories.  You could actually get away with eating 1-2 times per day and lose body fat.  What you need, is to eat less calories then your body needs.  This deficit forces your body to draw on fat stores. Another argument against eating every few hours?
There’s a HUGE fat loss benefit to fasting from time to time.
Brad Pilon is on the cutting edge of fat loss nutrition. His program on Intermittent Fasting is a huge reason those who follow his program find it easy to stay lean all year-round.

Fitness Model Workout Body Transformation – Step 3

Discover how to do cardio to burn fat fast…

If you want to burn fat and flatten your stomach I am sure that you do some sort of cardio.  Almost every single person I know who has single digit body fat percentage… performs cardio year round.

In this report common cardio questions are answered…

    • what is the afterburn effect people talk about
    • is circuit training effective
    • does walking count as cardio
    • are intervals effective
    • is it best to stick with long slow runs

On page 2 of the Strategic Cardio Report you will find a killer two step process to burn fat like crazy! Pick Up Your Reports now, They’re free!

Fitness Model Workout Body Transformation – Step 4

The Shrink Wrap Effect…

This report is reveals the real secret behind the system. This is where you can expect to discover tips on how to get maximum definition, that happens when your skin tightly wraps around your your muscles.
Loose skin blurs muscle definition!The Shrink Wrap Effect makes your muscle pop.
Your final free report reveals the secret methods used by top trainers in Hollywood. Fitness author, Rusty Moore, created a blueprint which does an awesome job explaining exactly what to do. This is a 9 page report, but you want to pay particular attention to page 8, and discover the exact outline of this methodology.
Here’s a Recap on Getting the Lean “Hollywood Look”.
  • Lift for muscle density after you have enough mass.
  • Spend a phase or two building muscle.
  • To keep lean use Intermittent Fasting 1-2 days per week.
  • Use strategic cardio after most of your workouts.
  • After getting lean, to look your best quickly be sure to use the shrink wrap method.

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