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Dear Friends of Straight To The Bar and Gym Chats,

I've put together this special page just for you.

This page will give you easy access to reference material, downloads, and show notes.

The Gym Chats cover a lot of material. To make things easier for you I've put together this special page for you. All the important links, notes, and reference material from each show are available from this page.

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Gym Chats

How To Train For Strength, Power, & Hyertrophy

Muscle Building 101 - Gym Chat #236

Topics Covered

  • Weight Training - How to train for strength, mass, and power.
  • Volume - How many sets and reps are needed for strength, power, and hypertrophy
  • Nutrition - How much protein, fat, and carbs are needed for each goal.
  • Where To Start - Discover the best plan of attack for each of the different goals.
  • Similarities & Differences - How training for strength, mass, and power are the same and how they're different.
  • Training To Failure - Is it a good idea to go to failure?
  • Most Important Factor - Discover the most important element of a successful program. Without out this element you'll never reach your full potential.

Strength & Muscle Building Resources

5-3-1 Workout, Simple workout for strength and mass

Lean & Muscular Fitness Model Physique

How To Do The Olympic Lifts

Power Lifting

All About Nutrition

Hypertrophy, Power, & Strength Slides

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German Volume Training

German Volume Training or GVT is an incredible mass building program.

Simple, quick, and effective. GVT along with muscle building meals is the easiest method I've seen for adding more muscle mass.

If you're looking to add muscle and want to try something new give this workout routine a try. I have to warn you. This is a tough program. The volume is high. It's not something you'll be able to do long term.

To download GVT Cheat Sheet... Click here.

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