101 Best Workout Songs

101 best workout songs

Best Workout Songs…

 Workout Music To Help Get Pumped Up

Going to workout, need some pump up music.  Or just looking for good music to work out to. I have put together a list of best workout songs for your exercise playlist…

101 Best Workout Songs

Bodybuilding workouts can be quite intense and hard work, and there is nothing like a good workout playlist to get you through.  The right selection of songs can keep the gym positive, upbeat, and full of energy.  Listening to music can even help if your in the market for a new gym.  Listen to the music they’re playing and you will get a pretty good idea as to what kind of gym it is.

There is something special about music. It has the power to make us happy, the power to make us sad, and help  us perform better. When it comes to fitness and exercise music is very influential, you can change the momentum of sporting events, help you get ready for a big race or help you get your mind right to set a new personal record.  The right workout playlist is vital. You need the best workout songs to crush it.

Music helps with your intensity and getting a good workout.  If you play the right workout music, your intensity will go up a notch and you’ll enjoy it more.  A great way to help you burn fat or build muscle and get stronger.

Studies have shown that listening to pump up music during exercise works wonders on the mind and body.  It changes things both physically and physically to improve results.

In this study, Effects of music tempo upon submaximal cycling performance they found that changing the tempo of the exercise playlist made a difference on how far, and how hard the cyclists worked. A decrease in music tempo caused a decrease in performance. The opposite was found to be true.  When the same exercise playlist was played with an increased tempo, cyclists performance increased too.

Another study with basketball player showed how workout songs with catchy, upbeat music and lyrics increased concentration and when listened to before free throws improved their accuracy.

Even though various studies have documented how important a good workout playlist is at maximizing results, you probably have made your own observations.  You know how a good workout song can pump you up and help get you through your workout whether it’s pushing weight to gain muscle of running to shed some belly fat.

What It Takes To Make The List of Best Workout Songs

Heavy metal or rap songs can be heard in virtually every serious gym you walk into.  The vast majority of bodybuilders, and power lifters have it blasting as they go through their workouts.  Loud, aggressive music, has the ability to pump you up, and keep you elevated, especially in between sets.  That is exactly why you hear Metallica blasting from a garage gyms and weight room stereos around the world, music is a huge motivator in strength training.

There is no question about how effective a good workout playlist is, but it can be though determining the best work out songs because it is so subjective.  But there is something that the top workout songs will have in common.


Tempo is critical to music’s ability to pump you up.  Research has determined that exercise music with between 120 and 140 bpm are best suited for your workout playlist.  If you are looking for an even faster pace for your workout music you may find 147 to 160 bpm does better for hitting the spot.

The best workout music is going to very from person to person.  But I do believe my list of songs has enough variety that everyone will be able to get at least one killer workout mix. An selection that will get you going durning your next training session and be something you’ll want to add to your favorite workout playlist.

Here is a list of some of the best workout music that will help make your time in the gym better. You will get better results with the right workout music.

The songs aren’t in any particular order.  Enjoy, leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

Music exercise songs to work out to some of the best Workout Music

For myself when it comes to great pump up music this song has to be on my workout playlist,

Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version) [Explicit]

List of the Best Workout Songs









  • Take The Power Back By Rage Against The Machine
  • Sandstorm By Darude
  • Sympathy For The Devil By The Rolling Stones
  • Rock And Roll By Led Zeppelin
  • Piece Of Pie By Stone Temple Pilots
  • Not Afraid By Eminem
  • New Noise By Refused
  • Them Bones By Alice In Chains
  • Crazy Horse By Black Label Society
  • Gasoline By Audioslave
  • Indestructible By Disturbed


It appears my list is growing.   Hot beats that move people are so varied that a list of 100 doesn’t seem to be enough…

As people go to the gym and workout they are rediscovering music and songs their exercise playlists, so I am adding new songs as people make suggestions and as new songs come out.

Use Somebody By Kings Of Leon

Pop Pump Up Music

Rap & Hip Hop Pump Up Music


Best Workout Songs for your Rock Exercise Playlists


Aggressive Workout Songs

Heavy Metal Workout Songs


Not Sure Genre Workout Music

  • The Sound Of Madness By Shinedown – Post Grunge / Alternative Metal
  • The Collector By Nine Inch Nails – Industrial / Alternative Metal / Dark Ambient
  • The Distance by Cake – Alternative / Indie
  • White Flag Warrior By Flobots featuring Tim McIlrath –  ‎Alternative Rock‎ / ‎Alternative / Hip Hop / Rap

Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder

Gone Inside the Zero By Rollins Band

Your Best Workout Songs Compilation

25 Songs – Great Pump Up Music

I know everyone can find a workout playlist from this list of pump up music, but…

If you feel there is a song missing that really gets your heart racing please leave a comment below, I bet others will like it too.

Let’s see what you consider to be the

Best Workout Songs

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    Pantera & RATM – the best workout music

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