Back to the Future Day


Today is Back to the Future Day.

What’s that you ask?

An even bigger question may be… what does this have to do with building muscle, burning fat, and looking great naked?

Fair enough.

Back to the Future Day is the day Doc and Marty jumped to in the 1989 movie, Back to the Future II. In this sequel the time traveling duo jump almost 30 years into the future to today, October 21 2015.


In the movie’s portrayal of the future they got a few things right…

[+] Big-screen televisions

[+] Video conferencing

[+] Video glasses (Google glasses are close enough.)

[+] Hands Free Gaming Consoles  

They also missed big with things like:

[-] The Hoverboard (a flying skateboard)

[-] Self-lacing shoes

[-] Flying cars


No shortages of predictions.

When it comes to diet, weight loss, and general fitness there are no shortages of predictions and promises. Different diets, workouts, and supplements claim they’ll change the way we workout forever.

However, over the years I’ve seen a lot of misses when it comes to weight loss and muscle building. This makes for a long list of things you’ll want to avoid if you want to get your perfect body. But due to time constraints, I’ll only list a few examples below.

1. Fad diets. For both building muscle and burning there are a million and one different diet crazes. There was a time when fat was bad. Now it’s carbs and gluten. Who knows what will be next. Do yourself a favour. Avoid any of the latest and greatest diet advice.

Keep it simple.

Enjoy everything in moderation.

To make things easier, grab one of these free cookbooks…

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2. Fad classes. We had Jazzercise and Tae Bo. Now we have Zumba. And there have been a million and one other things in between. But they all prevent you from dropping the love handles.

If you like them fine. Continue you to do them for fun, relaxation, or to be more active. But don’t think these fad classes are doing much for your waistline.

3. Exercise Gadgets. Remember Dr. Ho’s miracle belt? How about the Thigh Master. Or, most recently we’ve had the Shake Weight. Sadly. But not unexpectedly. All have been a bust.

The promise of shaping and toning an area doesn’t pass muster. Spot reduction has been disproven.


Wasted Time

Way too much time and effort is wasted on searching for and doing what is hyped as the future of fitness. Time wasted on these activities means you’re not doing the stuff the matters. The stuff that gets you results.

Don’t waste your time and let the frustration build.

Stick with the basics. Stick with what has worked and what will continue to work….

train like an athlete.

Athletes have been running, jumping, and lifting weights before the beginning of time.  And they’ve had great success developing perfect bodies.

If you want a lean athletic body with abs that pop download your perfect body blueprint…
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Stay strong,
Coach Jason