Lose Weight And Build Muscle On Vacation Without Hitting The Gym

How to get your perfect body while on vacation

Are the summer vacations and weekend BBQs wreaking havoc on your workouts?

Are they keeping you clear of the gym?

You’re not alone.

This time of year gyms are like ghost towns.

For 95% of last week I didn’t make it to the gym myself.

The Mrs and I spent the week as beach bums.

We toured the Gulf coast of Florida hitting some of the countries best beaches…

Sanibel Island, Siesta Key, Captiva Island

The skies were blue and the the water was as warm as bathwater.

It was great.

Add to that, good food, and plenty of R&R, and we had the makings for a great vacation.

The trip was gym free up until the last two days of our trip.

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hit Powerhouse Gym. (Their Downtown Tampa gym has to be the best commercial gym I’ve ever been in.)


Leaner And Stronger

With only 2 quick workouts and lots of great food, we both come back leaner and stronger than when we left. A week without working out didn’t make us fat, soft, or weak.

When working hard for a long time you needs breaks. Both mental and physical. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a quest to build more muscle, or have a desire to burn fat to get a 6 pack, you need breaks.sleep on the beach

Something else that really stood out on my trip was the importance of non-exercises activity, non gym activities.

Between naps on the beach we went hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

We were enjoying ourselves.

We weren’t worried about making things a workout. We were just exploring and having fun.

When looking to get lean this can greatly impact your chances of success.

Are you missing this element?

Could be what’s holding you back.




Non-Exercise Physical Activity, or NEPA, is a powerful fat burner. NEPA covers all energy expenditures expect for sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise. It can account for the majority of your non-resting caloric demands.

On vacation NEPA can be a powerful fat burner. Sightseeing gets us moving. Generally it involves lots of walking and standing around. Something we don’t do that much at home. If you’re like most, your day is spent sitting. We’re parked in a seat of some sort for a good majority of the day.

If you’re having trouble losing that stubborn fat, increase your NEAT. There are tons of options…

Go for a walk after lunch and supper.

Take a dance class.

Plant a garden. Gardening kept my grandfather busy, fit and healthy. He was in there everyday doing something.

The key with NEPA is to find things you enjoy so you’re moving more and increasing your caloric demands.


I love strength training. When you’re looking to get your perfect body it’s an essential element of the equation. But you can’t hit the weights all the time. The body needs a break. A chance to rest and recover. That’s where deload weeks come in. Taking a break can do more for you than a week of killer workouts.

If you have to do something, bodyweight workouts are perfect. But getting outside and doing things you enjoy can make all the difference.

How often you need to deload depends on how hard you work. If you’re killing it everyday, deload every 6-8 week. If you’re not lifting heavy all the time, every 5-6 months is fine.

The rest and different activities give your body a chance to repair. And burnzz some of that unwanted belly fat.

You end up dropping a few inches, getting stronger, more muscular, and getting your perfect body. All with less work.

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Enjoy your summer and your results


Jason, CSCS



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