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Mike Westerdal

Bench Press Expert

Mike Westerdal

Powerlifter Critical Bench Author & Bench Press Specialist

Mike Westerdal

Powerlifter and the owner of Critical Bench.

Mike is an amateur powerlifter competing in the APF and APA federations training out of Tampa Barbell while living in  Clearwater, FL.

In addition to powerlifting Mike, played college football.  After which he went on to play and coach professional football in Europe.

After football and still wanting to be involved with fitness and athletics Mike earned his certification as a personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise. In addition to training Westerdal is a contributing muscle writer for various strength magazines including REPs and Monster Muscle.

All the cutting and bulking BS got to be too much for Westerdal, he went in search of a better answer.

What he found was lean hybrid muscle. Focusing on developing hybrid muscle or type III muscle was the answer.

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