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The best rep range to train your bench.

If you are holding the bar properly? This one tip can make an instant difference.

What muscles other than the chest and triceps need to get stronger in order to improve your bench.

Workout overview of the “Rut Busting Bench Press Matrix”

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Do you want to bench more?

In this free report bench specialist Mike Westerdal reveals 7 techniques to help you bench more and blast through plateaus, ruts, and set new PR’s.

Get your hands on this report and uncover some tips you can use right now to increase your max in the bench press and set a personal record.

Watch the video below as Mike reveals the best assistance exercise to increase your bench, and why it is so effective.


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See Mike In Action

Mike hits a 630 pound bench press PR


Mike Westerdal bench presses 405 for 5 reps

SPECIAL REPORT: Rut Busting Bench Press Matrix: Here are some tips you can use right now to increase your max in the bench press and set a personal record. Implement some or all of these techniques next time you workout to bust through your own bench press rut and add pounds to your one rep max.

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