Exercise Demo - Romanian Deadlift How To

The Romanian Deadlift

You may know the Romanian Deadlift as the RDL. Or maybe the straight leg deadlift. But it's all the same exercises and a great one for the posterior chain.

The RDL doesn't get the love it deserves. Not only does it help develop the glutes and hamstrings, but other exercises such as the Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts benefit from a strong and well perfected RDL.


The RDL is great for developing glute and hamstring strength. This helps with spinting, jumping and other lifts like...

The RDL is a difficult movement for many to master. A quick look and many see it as simply bending over. But in actuality it's a hinge.

The legs and knees don't move much. The movement comes from the hips.

Keep your lats tight. This will help add support to your back and keep the bar in contact with your thighs.

How to perform the hip hinge.



Other Romanian Deadlift Variations

As with most exercises there are many variations. The RDL isn't any different.

From kettlebell to barbells there's a variation perfect for every situation and every person.

Try one of these in your next workout.

Single Leg Landmine RDL

The landmine RDL is like any other variation. All the same rules apply.

Single Leg RDL

  • Everything remains the same except for one minior adjustment.
  • Stand on one foot. Allow the free leg to move with hips.

Common Errors With The Romanian Deadlift

The Knees

Getting the knees just right is tricky for many. Most fall into one of two problems:

  • too much knee bend
  • locking out the knees or hyperextended
  • knock knees, caving in

The legs are to remain straight but not locked out. Think soft knees. From there they don't move.

The Back (Your Spine)

The back position is critical to an RDL.

It's not uncommon to see the back arch. This gets even more prevalent as people push end range of motion.

Make sure you keep a neutral spine alignment through the entire range of motion. This includes your neck as well.

Remember: The movement comes from the hips not the spine.

hyperextended knee

In the picture above the knee on the left is hyperextended.

common errors in the RDL exercise

How To Get A Neutral Spine

Killer Core Exercises Worth Trying

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