How To Burn Fat Build Muscle Transform Your Body And Get Results

The Secret To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

I find it amazing where you can find lessons and the secrets to life’s problems.

The other day I was thinking about what it takes to burn fat and build muscle. Maybe it was this video that got me to thinking about how people can make incredible body transformations.

Watch and see for yourself how this guy changes his body and his life.

After seeing this it got me thinking. Why is it that some reach their goals, while others don’t. It’s not really the starting point that’s the problem. You see that in the above video. If anyone would expected to fail, I would expect it to be him. Just look where he started. He’d given up. He had a bad back. Bad knees. He couldn’t walk without the aid of crutches. Something he was told he’d always need. For 15 years doctors had been telling him that.

But he lost the weight.

As I thought more about his success and what the secret to successfully burning fat or building muscle was, my mind started to drift. Somehow I ended up traveling back in time. To a simpler place. To a time long, long ago.

I got to thinking about my summers as a skinny little runt who loved to play outside.

I grew up in the sticks, so it was perfect for this. It wasn’t quite the country but close.

Not much around but lots of trees, water and wilderness. Great for building forts, swimming, fishing, and exploring. But not much else.

I was about 5 or 6 when I first introduced to the secret of how to successfully transform your body. I didn’t know it at the time. I thought is was just a silly story. Something my parents had read as I drifted to sleep.

You may have heard it yourself. It’s about a big race between a tortoise and a hare.

I remember thinking how silly of a story it was.

It never made sense. How could a rabbit lose to a turtle?

Even as a little kid I knew rabbits were fast and turtles were slow. Come on! Everyone knows that!

How is it that the hare could lose.

Why didn’t the rabbit hop to the finish. He wouldn’t even need to push himself to finish. Then, once he was finished, and he was waiting on the tortoise, he’d have all the time in the world to take his nap.

It just didn’t make any sense.

I knew this form personal experience too.

You see, there were only 1 or 2 other kids my age around.

I told you I grew up in a small town.

So when no one was around to play with I had to make my own fun. Most times I’d be building forts, or off exploring.

Because I lived in the sticks, I was surround by nature. Once in a while I’d come by a lone turtle. I’d pick it up and play with it a bit. They were slow and easy to catch. But they weren’t all that fun to play with. They didn’t move much. They weren’t even soft to pet. So I soon grew tired of them and moved onto frogs. Much more challenging and entraining.

Rabbits on the other hand were quick and skittish. Take one step in their direction and they would dart off like a rocket leaving the launch pad. They were so fast I never even tried catching them.

So for the tortoise to win the race was crazy in my 6 year old mind.

Looking back at the fable, it makes a lot more sense now. I’ve even fallen into the trap of the hare many times. I’m sure you have too.

I remember many papers that had two week deadlines and I’d squander away my time until the last second. Then I’d have to spend all night writing it. Many times I wouldn’t even get to sleep having to write through the night.

I never really learned my lesson. I still slip up. I still postpone things. I still don’t take immediate action.

Sometimes when I have chores around the house to do. Or some boring research to do.

I wait.

Just like the hare.

I may watch a little TV or go to the gym. Anything not to do what is needed to be done.

What I need to do is take action.

Lets face it. Burning fat and building muscle is hard work. It’s not exciting, there are things you won’t want to do, and it takes sacrifices. So you have to force yourself. Because to get things done, to reach goals, to burn fat, or build muscle, and get results, you need to take action.

Just like the tortoise and the hare, people know that action needs to be taken. The first steps aren’t too bad. Like the hare, many people are eager to see results and gom flying out of the starting blocks.

But that race car speed doesn’t last.

Worse yet. You’re putting in the effort, but not seeing results. You may want to wave a white flag and quite. You may want to join the hare and rest for a bit. But, before you do that. Know this.

Success may be right around the corner.

Don’t Quit!

What I’m about to tell you is worth printing out. It’s worth reading over and over. It’s worth putting on your fridge or as a daily reminder in your phone.

When times get tough remember…

Your results will come in spurts.

weight loss muscle building success

There will be times when you feel as though you’re working yourself to the bone and you just don’t see any changes. You may even be at this stage right now. But I encourage you to stick with. Keep your goals in sight and weather the storm.

I’ve been there myself. I know how you feel.

After reaching a goal and moving past plateaus what I noticed was that it was the small things that got me there.

Just like the tortoise. Nothing fancy or flashy. Just a consistant effort.

It was the consistant effort and taking action everyday that got me to where I needed to be.

This only happens when you take action every day. Strong and steady. You’ll face obstacles and challenges but keep on moving and you’ll be rewarded. You’ll have good days where things seem easy and you’ll see results.

Every step you take is an accomplishment, a tinny victory and is bringing you that much closer to your goal and your big breakthrough.

Don’t be discouraged. In every successful body transformation story I’ve heard, there have been roadblocks and struggles. If the the path was smooth and clear everyone would have 6 pack abs and look like a fitness model.

Everyone struggles.

After what seems like infinite stretches of flat lining, suddenly the road is clear.

BAM! Noticeable results.

The number on the scale will change a few pounds overnight. You’ll see definition in areas you han’t before. You’ll look in the mirror and and smile. Your body is changing.

It will happen. Don’t lose sight of your goal and keep taking action.

Results come in spurts. Believe me when I tell you that.

If it’s important to you, be like the tortoise. Never give up. Keep taking small steps forward. Success may be just around the corner.

To make your journey easier surround yourself with supportive people and follow a plan that has been proven to work. If you don’t have a plan I’m happy to help you along. I have a few free resources available. You can get instant access to nutrion tips, recipes and proven workout plans. All free. You can get it all here.

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