11 Ab Exercises Better Than Sit Ups Or Crunches

11-bodyweight exercises better than situps

It was the summer of 1976.

In Johnson County GA, a chubby little boy had been beat up and made fun of for the last time.

It was time to act.

The 8th grader had been an easy target.

He was bad at everything.

He had a stuttering problem. He got labeled “special.”

He was overweight. One of the worst athletes in his tiny junior high school in rural Wrightsville, Georgia.

He didn’t have any friends. He walked around alone, with his head hanging low.

An easy mark for bullies.

But that was all about to end.

He wasn’t going to go into high school with all of this baggage. He was going to change people’s perceptions by changing his body. So he dug in and got after it.

This young kid didn’t let not having much to work with stop him. He started with basic bodyweight exercises.

  • Sprints
  • Push Ups
  • Sit ups

He worked incredibly hard at those basics. He devoted hours everyday to working out. Doing thousands of reps day in day out.

It was nothing for him to do in excess of 3 thousand sit ups a day.


As summer ended and high school was beginning, things looked much different.

The summer of hard work paid off.

There was an incredible transformation.

From fat to fit.

From a lousy athlete, to one of the fastest kids in Georgia.

His hard work and dedication continued throughout high school. His days started and ended with workouts.

Again, it paid off.

Before graduating. This kid become the most sought after high school football player in America.

As a freshman at the University of Georgia, he had made a name for himself.

Herschel Walker became one of the greatest players in all of college football.

Body weight exercises helped him get there. And get incredible abs along the way.


The Hard Way

That’s one way to get 6 pack abs. Not the most efficient though.

You can get the same results. Luckily you don’t have to do thousands of sit ups like Herschel did. He didn’t even have to do that many…

If only he knew what I’m about to share with you now.

The list below shows ab exercises that would have saved him a lot of time while producing better results.

That’s because they’re not isolated.

They use the entire core as one. Which is exactly how the core was designed to be used.


 11 Bodyweight Ab Exercises Better Than Sit Ups Or Crunches

Here are 11 killer core exercises. All with just your bodyweight. All that deliver a great bang for the buck. All of which are better than sit ups or crunches for building fantastic abs. Helping you get a flat stomach and getting your abs to pop.

  1. Pike Roll Out Combo
  2. Planche progression iso holds (crow stands, frog stands, etc.)
  3. L-sits
  4. Bodysaw
  5. Hand walk Outs
  6. Suspension Strap Fall Outs
  7. Single arm reaches
  8. Suspension Strap Overhead Pallof Press
  9. Dragon Flags
  10. Eccentric-Only Leg Drop
  11. Suspension Stap Pallof to Overhead

Bonus – Sprints

Not your typical ab exercise, but very effective. Not only does it work the core. Sprints strip off stubborn belly fat may be hiding all your hard work.


Pick And Choose

You don’t have to do all these exercises at once. It’s a good idea not to.

Pick one or two. Alternate between each exercise. This way you end up doing one version your first workout. Next workout do a different exercise. Keep switching back and for between each.

Work at it until you get competent. Or feel free to play with it for a bit before moving on to a different exercise.

Here’s to less time and better results,


Jason, CSCS



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