Biggest New Year’s Fitness Mistake

Are You Making This Weight Loss Mistake Even Though Seemed Like A Good Idea

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a great holiday break and you didn’t deviate too far from what it takes to get your perfect body.


Now that the holiday season is over people are back to work and kids are back to school. That means the football team is back to the weight room.

Time to burn fat, build muscle, and get in shape.

After a month long Christmas break we’re going to start back nice and easy.

Some will welcome this.

Others will be chomping at the bit for more.

Doesn’t matter.

Everyone will ease into training.

Even though they’re young college football players who can handle a lot, we’re still going to take it easy the first week back.

After a long break the body isn’t ready to go full tilt. So we ease into it, and it’s a good idea for you to do the same with your workout.


Biggest Problem I See

One of the biggest problems I see when it comes to people trying to get lean, tone up, and get in shape is that they go too hard too fast.

It’s especially true this time of year.

With a new gym membership in hand and a New Year’s resolution on the brain you’re ready to shed some fat and and build some muscle. And you want it now.

I understand the enthusiasm.

I get how it may seem like a good idea to make as much progress you can while you feel fresh and energized. But it never ends well.


A quick start often leads to a quick demise.

Those who strap a rocket to their back and hit the body transformation (workout and diet) full force usually run into one of two problems:

  1. You get burned out. The diet wears on you. Your workouts become a chore.
  2. You get sore, tired, and banged up. And you’re starving. So you either get hurt or quit.

It’s a horrible feeling to be sore, tired, and hungry.

You’ll hate every meal.

You’ll hate every workout.

You’ll hate life.

That’s a recipe for disaster.


It May Be Simple… But It Ain’t Easy

The principles of muscle building, weight loss, and nutrition aren’t difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

When you first start transforming your body there’s a lot to think about…

  • how many sets and reps
  • paleo, vegan, low carb, etc…
  • long slow cardio, HIIT style cardio
  • how often to workout

The list goes on. It’s just too much to think about and incorporate all at once. Try and you’ll be overwhelmed. So tackling them all at once is a nightmare.

However, each concept on t’s own isn’t difficult. So go slow and. Make one habit before you move to the next.

Remember. Your transformation plan it’s not meant to kill you. You can’t succeed if your workout program and diet is a constant battle. Going slow breaks it down into manageable, sustainable chunks. That’s why it’s better to start out too slow.

Your goal starting out is to make things drop dead simple.

If you’re first starting out on your weight loss journey, keep it simple. Go for a walk. Eliminate or cut back one high calorie food. Make sure it’s one you won’t miss.

Once you feel good about those changes, add in new ones. Take things up a notch.

Continue this pattern until you’re living a lifestyle that supports your perfect body.

The same principles apply if you want to build muscle.

This is the approach I lay out for all my clients.

It works like gangbusters.

Athletes of all levels go through this same process. Each skill or habit builds off the previous.


I know you’re eager to get after it. But don’t fall for the quick transformation scams.

Don’t start too fast.

Find a pace that works for you. One that you can be happy with and sustain for a long time.

Don’t know where to start?

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progress your diet and exercise to get a flat stomach, great abs, for your perfect body.