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Muscle building foods for those tired of plain muscle building diet foods. Free muscle building recipes to help you pack on lean muscle and burn fat

Spicy Cajun Chicken

Muscle Building Meals Cajun Style I love a simple meal. Nothing makes cooking muscle building diet meals easier than a crock pot. A slow cooker is great for busy gym rats. All you have to do is throw the ingredients in. Then you can set it, and forget it. When you get back everything is…

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Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins

High Protein Muscle Building Muffins Well, my buddy Dave has done it again with these High Protein Muscle Building Fat Burning Apple & Cinnamon Muffins. This is just one of the many healthy recipe ideas Dave shares that help you transform your body by making bad foods good. This high protein muffin recipe is a welcome treat. It doesn’t matter if…

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Bison Burgers Recipe

Muscle Building Diet with Healthy, Tasty Bison Burgers   I don’t know about you, but I love burgers. Until Dave passed this healthy, muscle building recipe on to me, it was something I rarely ate. Once in a while on a cheat day I would have one, but that was rare. That’s because the classic hamburger has too many…

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Crispy Chicken Nuggets

Build muscle and burn fat with… Healthy Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets   A muscle building diet doesn’t have to be plain and boring as my buddy Dave Ruel will tell you. If done right you can enjoy some of the classic treats you had as a kid. This is a very simple diet recipe that will…

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