Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

Fight Club Workout

Discover the workout routine that helped Brad Pitt got that lean muscular Hollywood look he had for his roles in Fight Club and Troy.

Brad Pitt Workout

Brad Pitt is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and has been considered one of the sexiest guys on the planet.  Pitt isn’t the biggest guy. At 5′ 11″ and about 160lbs you definitely wouldn’t say he is muscle bound. He doesn’t have that big and bulky look. Nor does he have biceps like Ronnie Coleman. Yet hel looks muscular, fit and has a physique women love and guys want.

Like Chris HemsworthDanial Craig, and many of the other celebrity workout routines, the physique Brad Pitt has in many roles like Fight Club, Snatch, and Troy, was a product of diet and the right workout program. Not being a big guy, Pitt is still able to look ripped and muscular for all his action roles.

Fight Club Workout

To get in shape for the movie Fight Club Pitt worked out 6 days a week. In addition to his workouts he followed a strict diet. The combination of the two allowed him to add lean muscle mass and reach 7% body fat. This combination gave him the shrink wrapped effect.

Brad did a body part split where he would only work one muscle group a day.  This method is more common for bodybuilders. I don’t recommend it because I don’t feel you give each muscle group enough stimulus, but it worked for Pitt.

The benefit of this body part split method is that it allows you to work each muscle group a little harder and gives it more recovery time because each muscle group has a week to recover.  Many bodybuilders chose this method because it allows them to work the muscle group hard and it has plenty of time to grow back bigger and stronger.

In Pitt’s Fight Club workout he would spend the weekdays doing strength training, and finish off the week of training with cardio workout routines. The weekends were spent in fat-burning mode to help shed any fat that covered his muscles to give him that shrink wrapped effect to look ripped and, muscular, and chiseled.

Typical Brad Pitt Workout

Pitt did 3 sets for each exercise, with roughly 60 seconds to rest between sets. The first 2 sets most often were 15 reps and the last set was done to failure.  Body weight exercises are different, because of that pull up and pushups followed a different rep and set scheme.

As mentioned before, both The Troy Workout and the Fight Club Workout were modeled after a typical bodybuilding routine where only one muscle a day is trained. When it comes to building muscle this isn’t the most effective method for the natural lifter. It did work for Brad, but I think he could have got better results in less time with a full body split.

Bad Pitt Workout

Fight Club Workout Routine

Day 1 – Chestbrad-pitt-workout

  • push ups 3 x 75
  • Bench press – 25 x 165, 15 x 195, 8 x 225
  • nautilus press
  • incline press
  • pec deck flys

Day 2 – Back

15-25 reps

  • pull ups 3 x 25
  • seated rows
  • lat pull downs
  • t-bar rows

Day 3 – Shoulders

  • arnold press, straight sets
  • laterals with 30lbs dumbbells
  • front raises with 25lbs dumbbells

Day 4 – Biceps & Triceps

  • preacher curl machine
  • ez curls cable
  • hammer curls
  • push downs

You can compare that to a bodybuilder routine with Ronnie Colmen’s biceps workout.

Day 5 – Fat loss Cardio

Treadmill 60 minutes 80-90% MHR

Day 6 – Fat loss Cardio

Treadmill 60 minutes 80-90% MHR

Day 7

Rest Day

That is a typical week for Brad Pitt as he went through his Fight Club workout routine.  He followed that program for the movies Fight Club and Troy.  Just watch the movies and you can judge for yourself on how effective the program was.

If you are look for the Hollywood look click here to find out more on how you can shrink wrap your muscles just like the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout.
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