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The Ronnie Coleman Workout

Arm Training Bodybuilder Style, Ronnie Coleman Working Biceps

When it comes to building muscle guys often turn to their favorite bodybuilding magazines. They see what the top dogs are doing and follow it themselves. There are plenty of big guys out there to follow too. Like up and cominimg star Ben The Pak Man Pakulski, with his monster delts and published workout programs.

Of course there are the old school guys like Arnold.

Then there’s Ronnie Coleman.

I think Coleman is one of the largest and winningest bodybuilders there ever was. The guy was a monster on stage. With 2% body fat, Ronnie stepped on stage weighing over 300lbs. Needless to say, this guy knew what it took to get big and what a successful biceps training workout looked like. His massive arms were one of the body parts that has helped him win multiple Mr. Olympia titles. So you can be sure Ronnie knew how to get bigger arms.

Over the years Colman has had many different arm routines. But this was one of his favorite. See what the former did to help get those biceps peaks.

Before you go on. Know that biceps training is a small portion of arm training. To get massive guns you have to workout the triceps.

Coleman atributes his 22″ arms to his high volume workouts. He believed that the high reps not only caused a good pump, but were responsible for their incredible width and volume. He says…

“the high reps boost density and hardness in the biceps”

In hopes that my arms would grow I have made lots of mistakes in the gym. I know I’m not alone. I see guys making the same mistakes all the time.

I am showing you this arm routine as an example of how to set up your workout, and to see what a pro does. I also want you see how to adjust your workout to fit your situation. Don’t fall into the trap and let these common bodybuilder mass building mistakes prevent you from making incredible gains.

Ronnie Coleman Biceps Training

Ronnie Coleman Workout Biceps Training Routine

As I mentioned earlier, Coleman loves volume. This isn’t something I recommend for the beginner. It can be a bit much for eve the most advanced lifter. These guys get away with so much volume because of the increased recovery steroids provide.

For the natural lifter I don’t expect you to do workouts like this. It’s nice to see what these guys do, but it just isn’t practical. Have a quick look at it anyway. See what exercises he does then look at the revised version below.

  1. One arm cable curls – 4 x 15
  2. Bar cable curls – 4 x 15
  3. Cable crossover curls – 4 x 15

Most guys love the cable curls. It can be a great ego boosting exercise as you see yourself flexing in the mirror.

Ronnie Coleman’s Beginner Biceps Routine

  1. Single arm cable curls – 2 sets of 15 and 2 sets of 10
  2. Bar cable curls – 2 sets of 15 and 2 sets of 10
  3. Cable crossover curls – 2 sets of 15 and 2 sets of 10

There isn’t much of a change, 30 fewer total  reps.  I would suggest you cut it back even more, other wise you risk falling into one of those common bodybuilder mass building mistakes that will make your arms smaller than they are now!

Take the first set as a warm up set. The weight should be light and the 15 reps feel like you could have done at least 20.

Ronnie Coleman’s Bodybuilding Biceps Laws

Coleman has very strict workout rules. He follows them, and suggests you do too.

Take a look at Coleman’s 3 Laws To Building Bigger Biceps:

1. Begin every biceps workout with 1 arm cable curls

To put extra stress on the peak of the biceps Coleman always starts with the one arm cable curl. He will mix it up a little. Sometimes he does one arm at at a time. Other days he will alternate arms. Alternating arms allows you to use a little more weight than you can if you do one arm at a time.

This is How Ronnie Does It…

  • each rep starts with the arm fully extended
  • flex your biceps and curl the weight, no cheating allowed
  • squeeze the biceps hard at the top, hold for 2 seconds
  • the negative is to be slow

I don’t recommend this all the time, but the former Mr O. liked to train to failure each set. If he was feeling good that day he’d go past the prescribed 15 reps.

For the average lifter 15 reps will be plenty. You simply don’t need and can’t handel the same volume as a professional bodybuilder.

2. Straight bar cable curls for mass

This is the money exercise.  If you see a biceps workout that doesn’t include some kind of heavy curl, I suggest you find another workout routine. Heavy curls are essential to getting big biceps. Ronnie finds this exercise adds mass and bulk throughout the entire biceps muscle.

The cable curl is chosen over the barbell version because it provides constant tension throughout the entire range of motion. With a typical barbell or dumbbell curl the resistance changes as you curl, and your muscle isn’t fully stressed the entire time.

Execution on the cable curls isn’t all that different than any other biceps exercise.

  • don’t rest at the bottom
  • just like before, squeeze hard at the top of each rep, holding that squeeze for at least a full second.
  • from time to time use cheat reps to get your volume

You can use different handels from time to time. Try using the rope, and EZ bar attachment to hit the muscle a little differently and stimulate new growth.

3. Finish with peaking exercises

To finish your biceps routine you want to use the exercise that uses the least amount of weight. In this case Ronnie finishes with high cable curl. This exercise is intended to add more bulk and get you that nice peak. Plus it allows you to see all your hard work as you get to flex in a mirror.

This exercise looks just like the double biceps pose you see guys do on stage.

This is How Ronnie Does It…

  • set the pulley at shoulder height
  • standing in the middel of the cable pulley machine hold a cable in each hand
  • fully extend your arms straight out to the sides, making sure they are parallel to the ground
  • do you best double bicep pose

Ronnie Coleman Biceps Workout Routine Departing Thoughts

Anyone can follow Ronnie’s rules and do a biceps workout like this one. I do suggest you make a few simple changes to his workout and it can be suitable for anyone.  The exercises listed are basic and straight forward. Anyone can easily do them all.

How to make this biceps routine work for you

  • Cut the volume. Be smart about your sets and reps
    • 5 sets is all you need, 1 warmup set of 15 2 hard sets of one exercise, and 2 hard sets of the other exercise
    • Direct arm work doesn’t need to be done more than 2x a week
  • Go heavy, if you can do more than 15 reps, the weight is too light. Only light set is your warm up.
  • Train smart. Go heavy but only use a weight you can handel.
    • When your form breaks, the set is over.
  • Eat to build muscle and follow sound nutrition rules.

Be sure to tran hard and heavy, but most important train smart. Make these changes to Ronnie’s biceps workout and watch your arms grow.