Bulgarian Bag Training

Transform Your Body With Bulgarian Bag Training

You may be saying Bulgarian what. It was kind of new to me too. Bulgarian Bag Training is something I was introduced to by my buddy Troy. I think you’ll love it. It’s fun, versatile, and will make the perfect addition to your home gym.

If you have never used one before, don’t worry. Troy is giving away his new eBook, Bulgarian Bag Training Basics. Read on and I will tell you how you can pick it up for nothing. You’ll discover the basics and be able to get started using this awesome piece of equipment right away.

I am all about simple effective exercises. Not a big fan of machines either. So when my Troy told me about the Bulgarian Bag I was all over it.

Bulgarian Bag – What Is It

bulgarian-bagBasically a Bulgarian Bag is a cross between a sand bag and a kettlebell. It isn’t all that old. It was only in 2005 that the bag was first brought to life. Ivan Ivanov, a former Bulgarian Greco-Roman Olympic athlete was looking for a training tool that would be versatile enough to throw and push to improve explosive power and make other exercise more dynamic.

Bag training offers you movements that cannot be duplicated with any other tool. The bag allows you to move in all three planes of motion during a single exercise. Plus they allow you to combine both cardio and strength training in one piece of equipment.

Perfect for MMA guys because not only can you throw it but you can strike it too.

From what I understand Ivan got the idea from a tradition back in Bulgaria where shepherds demonstrated their strength with sheep and goats.

Obviously wrestlers couldn’t workout with sheep so the bag was born.

As you get into great shape, this one piece of equipment can help you get transform your body. You will burn fat and tone muscle, and look great.

How To Make A Bulgarian Training Bag

At a price point of $250 I suggest you make one. A bag is extremely easy to make and will only run you about $20.

What you need:

  • Large tire inner tube
  • Zip ties
  • Duct tape
  • Wood Pellets/Rubber Mulch/Sand/Steal Pellets
Because sand is so fine you have a chance of it leaking. This makes it your last choice of filler.

It is really easy to make. Just watch the video and follow these steps:

  1. Cut off the section of inner tube where the valve stem is located.
  2. Roll about 6″ of one end tightly, then secure with a tie wrap to make one handle.
  3. Fill the tube with weight. Pick any of the materials from above, or mix and match.
  4. Roll about 6″ of the other end tightly, then secure with a tie wrap to make the other handle.
  5. Cover the handles with duct tape

Bulgarian Bags are available in different weights. The recommended weight really depends on your current strength and overall athletic ability, physical conditioning, and experience. But as a rough estimate go with a bag that weighs about 20% of your body weight.

You may think this rater light. But after a few sets in you’ll be wondering how it got so heavy.

How To Use The Bag

The first thing to do is pick up Troy’s eBook. It is free if you pick it up Thursday or Friday. After that it’s still a great deal at $5. In it he will show you exactly how to get started with it. In the video below you will see Troy demonstrating one of the basic Bulgarian Bag Training exercises.

The Bag Basics – Get Started Training With A Bulgarian Training Bag [Kindle Edition]

Some of the things you can do with your Bulgarian Training Bag

  • Put it on your shoulders and… squat, lunge, jump
  • Various Swings
  • Grab the handels and row, curl, press
  • Throw it and slam it

Troy’s Bulgarian Training Bag Swing Tutorial

Bulgarian Training Bag Exercises


Bulgarian Bag Training
Bulgarian Bag Training