The Roads Aren’t Safe

It was about 6:30 in the evening yesterday, I was on my way to the gym to get my pump on. Had a killer back and biceps workout planned. Kind of old school, but I love it.

The tail end of rush hour traffic was just on their last stretch before they got home.

So I had to sit in a little traffic.

Then it happened.

I shouldn’t be too surprised it happened. It was only a matter of time. After all, I do live in Atlanta.

Atlanta has the craziest drivers I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly not like this in Nova Scotia where I’m from.


I got rear ended. Nothing too serious. Thank goodness. Though it does look like it will run a fair amount to fix.

A lady came barreling down the road. Slammed into the back of my stopped car. Which launched me into the back of the car a few feet in front of me.

She came so fast, the collision caused the shade on the sunroof to fly open.

When it happened I was stopped at a light.

Sitting there listening to Brad talk about the research he’d done for his fasting book.

Some pretty cool stuff. I grew up on bodybuilding magazines and reading them preach about multiple meals a day. Even the weight loss industry preaches it.

It was interesting to hear about Brad’s research on meal frequency.

Turns out high frequency meals aren’t necessary. Doesn’t help to build muscle. Doesn’t boost metabolism. Nor does it help people lose weight.

Interesting stuff. Definitely worth checking out..

Well, off to the body shop. Or maybe I’ll get a new car. One with an iPod jack.

Like my workouts. I’m kind of old school with my tape deck adaptor.

Jason, CSCS

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