How To Get Bigger Arms

How To Get Bigger Arms

4 Unconventional Tricks To Build Bigger Arms

There isn’t anything more impressive than big arms, you know, the kind that bust through your shirt.  Ever since I started weight training I have always done arms.  And I started because I was a runner. Arm training was never part of our workouts but I was sure to get a few curls and push downs in before the workout was over.

I am sure you have been there too.

If you are looking to get bigger arms and are tired of busting your butt in the gym for little gains I have 4 killer tips for you today that I am sure will spur on new growth and help you get bigger arms.  These killer tips are geared towards getting bigger arms, they’re slightly different than your general tips on how to gain muscle mass to get bigger stronger in the gym.

My buddy and profesional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski through these tips together for me, and you, so be sure to put them to use.

By the way, that is Ben in the picture above.  These are some of the same techniques he uses to grow his guns.

 how to get bigger armsTo Get Bigger Arms Change Your Range

How To Get Bigger ArmsYour arms get used in every upper body lift. You triceps help with pushing movement, and the biceps contribute to pulling motions.  So they get lots of work on a regular basis.  You don’t see sleeve popping arms on yourself or others from all this stimulation you arms get because the muscles tend to work in the range they are strongest.  In most circumstances that is the mid range.

To get the most out of the triceps and biceps to really get bigger arms you need to mix up the the stimulus.  Probably the easiest and most effective way to do this to help build muscle fast is to maintain tension on the muscle longe, but on the extreme ranges of motion, fully extended, and  shortened.  This will hit your muscles at their weakest point.

Incline dumbbell curls are excellent at stretching out your biceps. For the next part of the mass building equation take away any pause at the top and bottom to keep your biceps under tension for the full length of the set.  If you are an advanced lifter you could even go as far as doing partial reps.  But partials are only for advanced lifters.

This will get you bigger arms because it hits the muscle at a different angle then it is use to and the consistant time under tension is there.  Your nervous system has to adapt and by stimulating new muscle growth.

how to get bigger arms

To Get Bigger Arms Decrease Volume

In an effort to get bigger arms I would devote entire days to arm workouts.  It would be nothing for me to spend an hour working my biceps and triceps.  you may be taking the same approach to getting frustrated with results. That’s because smaller muscles don’t need as much volume. Because the biceps and triceps have a less overall volume of muscle fibers it doesn’t require as much stimulus to fatigue these muscle groups and deplete glycogen stores.

how to get bigger arms

To Get Bigger Arms Engage the Muscle

In order to get the most out of your biceps and triceps training, or any muscle for that matter, you must engage the muscle you want to target. To get bigger arms they must initiate the movement.

As with any other muscle group, there is more than one muscle that wants to help with the movement. But it is critical that the targeted muscle group initiate the movement.  This is particularly important when you’re working at the end ranges of motion. As I had mentioned earlier, your muscles are at their weakest when fully extended. Because of this other muscle groups will want to jump in and help. This is where your conscious intent and control is vital!

How you do this, is to contract the antagonists or opposite muscle group. For example take our incline dumbbell curl from above. When your arms are fully lengthened, flex your triceps. This will do 2 things,

  •  ensure your biceps are fully lengthened
  •  increase the odds that your biceps will be the 1st muscles to fire

When training triceps the opposite is true, flex your biceps when your triceps are fully stretched.

how to get bigger arms

To Get Bigger Arms Lift Heavy with Perfect Form

When you lift heavy more muscle fibers are needed for each rep. When you lift lighter your body tries to preserve energy and uses the fewest amount of muscle fibers necessary.

Because the heavier weight uses more muscle fibers you can get away with less sets and reps. Another thing to consider when you go heavy is that the high threshold motor units are activated. You want this because, these are the muscles respond best to muscle hypertrophy, and require the most stimulus for them to respond and grow.

To Get Bigger Arms…

all you have to do is follow these simple steps,

 Put an end to marathon biceps and triceps workout routines.
 Work your arms to entire range of motion, emphasize the weaker angles, while keeping the muscles under tension.
 Ensure that your biceps and triceps initiate the exercise. To do this flex the antagonist muscle minuet you’re fully stretched position.
Stimulate the most muscle fibers, lift heavy.  But when doing so make sure you don’t sacrifice form.

Make sure you have plenty of muscle building meals and follow these 4 simple techniques. That is how to get bigger arms.