Popular Supplement Company Ordered To Pay Up

Your Supplements May Not Be Living Up To Their Claims

Warning! Before Buy You Any Supplement, Read This.

I see another supplement bites the dust.

Not quite. But they do get a slap on the wrist.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sued 4 more supplement and weight loss companies. Charging them with deceptive advertising.

There’s one in particular I’d like to single out one.



This may be a weight loss product. But it’s still a prime example of how deceptive and tricky supplement marketing can be. Muscle building supplements run into all the same pitfalls.

This product is a bur in my saddle…

thanks to Dr. Oz.

Our good Dr. says…

“the ingredients in Sensa are deemed safe. I don’t have any issues with people trying to kick start a diet program…. I think Sensa is definitely going to work for some of you…”

FTC says…

“weight loss sprinkles” are a scam.


Little difference of opinion there.

Not surprising.

thighmasterSupplement companies always find people of influence to back their products.

Actors, athletes, TV personalities, doctors, anyone people will listen to.


These companies make it difficult for you and I. Deciphering their advertising, claims, and research isn’t intuitive or easy.


That’s why I’m thankful for guys like Sol. (http://jasoncscs.com/goto/supplements)

He has a team of science geeks that look into all the research.

They examine it.

They dissect it.

And they rate it.

Most important they produce an unbiased easy to understand report. To stay objective they’ve refused offers of sponsorships and all advertising. They don’t want anyone clouding their objectiveness.


Not only is it my goto source for supplementation information. About 17,500 other people rely on them every day too.

When you have people like “America’s Dr.” spewing false information it’s nice to have a resource like this to turn to.

Supplement GuideSupplement shopping can be a battlefield.

Arm yourself.

These guys are your weapon to protect against greedy supplement companies…




Not as seen on TV,


Jason, CSCS




Don’t let your friends get scammed. Spread the word.

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