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Change your body - Every stone has statue discover it

Anyone Can Build Muscle & Burn Fat

To Transform Their Body

Growing up it would be fair to say that I was a skinny kid.

Some might even say rail thin.

That’s to be expected. Back in the day, video games sucked. So I was always outside. Always on the go.

Since we lived in the sticks, there wasn’t much around. Public transit didn’t even come my way.

That meant if I wanted to do anything, there was at least a 30 minute bike ride ahead of me.

Fast forward a few years…

I’m done with high school. A couple of years of university under my belt. Some hard summers working landscaping. And getting more into weight training.

I head over to a friend’s house. We’re talking. His girlfriend was talking to his mother. My back was turned to her when she asks,

“Who’s that Wayne’s talking to?”

My buddy’s girlfriend replies…

“It’s Jason.”

Mother: “Little Jason?


It can’t be.

Look at those shoulders and legs.”

Girlfriend: “Yep. That’s him.”


You see, it was about 6 months since the mother had seen me.

All that time in the gym and working outside had changed my body.

I wasn’t a skinny kid anymore. I wasn’t huge. But there was definitely a change.

I was starting to fill out. Look more like a man than a kid.

I wanted to be stronger. I wanted to be bigger. I wanted a physique to be proud of.

I realized that with weight training I could make any muscle or body part grow. Even my skinny arms. I got to work and made a change. I became a sculptor. An artist if you will.

Now, I have to admit. I made a lot of mistakes back then. But I’ve learned a lot. Changed a lot. And become a much better sculptor.

I built muscle. You can too.

Want to burn belly fat and lose weight?

Weight loss is the same idea. Strength training, cardio, and nutrition are the sculptors tools. Used properly anyone can create a masterpiece.

You don’t need to live a life with rude comments.

You don’t need to be skinny and weak. Fat and unfit.

There’s a statue in there.

Changes happen quick when you know how to do it. The more I learned the faster I grew. Avoiding mistakes not only saves time but frustration.

Grab your sculptor tools, a playbook and discover it…

Your art instructor,


Jason, CSCS

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