Simple Yet Effective Exercise To Relieve Back Pain

simple exercise for back pain

The other day I went to see the movie, The Wolverine.

It had lots of fights…


guts and gore.

The perfect date night movie.

Normally when Wolverine gets shot or cut, he heals in seconds. His body pushes out the bullets. The skin heals over. It’s like nothing ever happened.



he never ages!

That was before the bad guys took away his power.

Chasing down the bad guys and saving the beautiful girl, Wolverine gets shot and beat badly. With his powers gone, he ends up in rough shape.

This kind of reminded me of training when I first started.

I’d do so many bad things. Harmful exercises. Bad technique. Too much weight. And a lot of other stupid things.

I thought I was invincible. Just like Wolverine.

But then I too lost my magic powers…

I got older!

I didn’t feel so invincible. I’d be sore a little longer. A little more stiff in the mornings. All that fun stuff.

Wanting to feel good again, I started to stretch, warm up. Do things the smart way. So I added corrective exercises to my workouts. This has made a world of difference.

Without the same mutant powers as Wolverine, if we exercise long enough and don’t take preventative measures, eventually something will hurt.

Take the back.

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t complained of back issues at some point in their life.

Here’s a simple way to fix common back issues.

Give it a go. You’ll feel a whole lot better. Especially if you sit a bunch.

  • Stand up.
  • Place your hands on top of your pelvis.
  • Arch backwards then return to standing.
  • Each time go a little further.
  • Keep feet about hip width apart.

That’s it.

  • Only arch in one direction.

    Don’t arch forward.

    This will make things worse.


Do it when you get up. Then every couple of hours you’re stuck sitting to combat the constant flexion.

It helps keep your back healthy and pain-free.

It’s been shown to be beneficial for 95% of the people with back pain.


Helping you develop mutant like powers,

Jason, CSCS

Jason, CSCS
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