To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Push Your Limits

change your mind to change your body

Muscle Building Fat Burning Motivation Monday

Today I thought I’d take a moment to help get your mind right. Muscle building and weight loss can be a hard battle to fight.

Without constant motivation and support it can be easy to let goals and dreams slip away. We don’t want that!


Life can get busy and crazy. It’s so easy for life and world events to us in and take us off track. Before we know it we’re lost and distracted. Taking care of our health and body ends up taking a back seat. The weight piles on the the muscle definition fades. All we have worked for slowly fades away.

 I’m not going to let that happen to us…

a dose of motivation can help us stay on track. Keep goals in sight, and help keep the momentum moving forward.


Take a second and read the poster. I suggest it be read a few times. Maybe even printed out.

Let it sink in.

There aren’t many words to it, but it has two strong messages. Fitness Doctrine is all about change. Mind and body transformations. This motivational quote embodies that.

do more today to burn fat and build muscle


The first lesson is a little deep. Well it is for a muscle head like me…

Push The Comfort Zone

To get what we want. We have to push past our comfort zone.

There’s going to be plenty of discomfort. Both physical and mental. But what we do today, will be easier tomorrow when we push everyday.

Because everyday we keep pushing, our comfort zone expands into new uncharted territory toppling barriers along the way.

As our comfort zone expands so do life’s options. We can do more, be more, and look our best.


Keep going! Never stop!

If  the pushing stops. The walls can close back in. Everything we’ve worked for can be lost.

Every day the limits of our comfort zone need to be pushed a little. Mountains don’t have to be moved. But there has to be that consistent push. This allows us to move forward. To break new ground and live fuller lives.


Constantly test limits. Push past comfort zones. It may hurt for a bit, but life will be so much better afterwards.

Keep going. Never stop!


The second point the poster brings out is quite simple and one of my philosophies when it comes to working out.


The goal of each workout is to improve. To do better than the last one.

It’s that simple. If there is consistent improvement, the body will change.


That doesn’t always mean you have to lift more everyday.

The improvement can be as simple as doing one more rep. Or reducing rest so there is more work done in less time.


The bottom line is…

effective workouts challenge our limits. The body adapts. It always needs more challenges to improve.


Push your limits and you’ll push your life and physique forward.


Jason, CSCS



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