Prevent Back Pain

Back Problems – Is It Worth It?

The other day I was doing my thing when I heard this scream and crash.

I looked over and a heavyset lady in her thirties was in a heap on the floor.

She was red-faced. I think more from embarrassment than anything thing else.

She got up. Brushed herself off. Then stared at the the big red box that took her down.

She got away lucky. A little banged up. A bruised ego but nothing serious.

Was her fall worth it?

I say No!

It gets my blood boiling. There is no need for her to be doing box jumps in the first place.

Overweight and deconditioned she’s asking for trouble. Jumping up on a box then jumping back off. Landing on both feet. Asking for a an achilles tendon to rupture.

It’s not worth the risk. There are other ways to burn fat.

Next exercise was a wall ball. Followed closely by sit-ups.

Everything is done for time, so the squats were ugly.

  • Weight on her toes.
  • Knees forward.
  • Rounded back.

It hurt to watch.

The kicker was the sit-ups.

I think I was in grade 6 when I got the memo that sit ups were bad for your back.

Discover Why Sit Ups Are Bad For Your Back

Those looking to build muscle and get a tight 6 pack often but themselves at risk with poor exercises choices like hanging leg raises and toes to bar. Sure these  are killer ab exercises. They work. But there are other options. So is it worth it. Is it worth risking back pain?

I’m not a big fan of CrossFit. Never have been. Never will be. They have come a long way over the years but they still have a long way to go yet. They still base their workouts on difficulty. If you roos your cookies they consider that a good workout.

A lot of hard exercises done with poor form doesn’t make a hard workout.

It makes for a bad workout.

Take deadlifts. I love them. Use them all the time. They’re great for building muscle. But adding a ton of weight then rounding your back makes a good exercise bad.

In the video below you’ll see probably the most overused back exercise done wrong. An example of a good exercise gone bad.

Don’t Let This Common Overused Back Strengthening Exercise

Hurt Your Back and Lead To Back Problems

In Rick’s video we saw a great example of how back problems that can start in the gym. The usual suspects came into play…

  • poor technique
  • too much weight
  • speed over form

While those errors are responsible for many issues there are often hidden problems too.

A great deal of back problems originate outside the gym.

Day to day you may notice that you're stiff, sore, and just don't feel right. You're not sure why because you haven't done anything to aggravate your back.

These silent killers away from gym settings take their toll. Sometimes they sneak up on you. You don't have any idea it's coming. But they're there and build up over time until...


One day your back gives out.

All  it may take  is bending over to pick up a pencil.

Sitting all day isn't natural. Our bodies revolt. We develop bad posture. Get stiff and sore. Then when the clock strikes 5 we head out and throw some iron around, swing a golf club, or run and kick a ball.

You reach a breaking point. Your body just can't go from staring at a computer all day to a full range of motion. It becomes too much.

This is usually when we hear things go bad. Even if technique is spot on.

One way to prevent that is to take a few minutes throughout your day and do a couple of stretches.

Bellow you'll see Elliott Hulse go through two killer stretches to combat tightness brought on from sitting.

Simple Stretches For Sitting All Day


Protect your back.


A lot of bad exercises done with "good" form still make for a bad workout.

Intensity in a workout is great. Just make sure you maintain good technique and pick the right exercises.

But if you can't move because of a back injury it becomes a whole lot harder build muscle and burn fat.

Train hard but safe. And never, ever, EVER do an exercise with a rounded back.

Your back takes a beating. No need to put it through any undue stress.

Make sure it's worth it,


Jason, CSCS

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