How To Get A Healthy Pain Free Back


Bye Bye Back Pain

Discover How to Prevent And Treat Back Pain

Back pain is something that affects a vast majority of people.

Doesn’t matter if you workout or not. There is a good chance that you will experience back pain at some point in your life.

Watch as injury specialist Rick Kaselj talks about preventing and eliminating back pain.

Here are some of the topics covered in the video…

  • Common causes of back pain that tend to be overlooked. Rick goes beyond poor form or bad technique and talks about hidden causes of back pain. The number one aspect of pain free backs may surprise you.
  • Stretching or mobility what's better? Rick explains why.
  • The best exercises that help cure back pain.
  • Commonly botched that can lead to back pain.
  • 3 BIG keys to prevent back pain.
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain? Rick has you covered.
  • SI Joint pain? How to fix and train around it.
  • 3 steps to come back after being sidelined from back pain.
  • Popular back stretches that you never want to do.
  • Tight back? You may want to loosen these muscles. They’re not back stretches either.
  • Even with a 6 pack your core may still be missing a critical element to protecting your back.
  • Plus lots more...

If you’ve ever had a back problem you know how painful and debilitating it can be. If you have been lucky enough to live pain free trust me when I say that it’s not something you ever want to experience.

Rick shares some great tips to help prevent back pain. For those of you all ready in pain you’ll hear some great ways to get back to normal and pain free.

Watch now and to Fix Back Pain without drugs or surgery…

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Travis And Rick Talk About Back Pain

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5 pitfalls people fall into at the gym causing back pain and injury

In this free pdf, Mitch “The Angry Trainer” outlines the top things in the gym you need to avoid doing and what you should do instead.

Even if you’re not having pain now. It’s still worth reading.

Back injuries can creep up over time. You may feel fine now doing sit ups and other back destroying exercises. But keep doing the wrong things and there’s a good chance it’ll turn into something more serious.

See what has Mad Mitch all fired up…



Jason, CSCS




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