Craziest Source Of Motivation


Happy New Year!

Time to get serious. Time to burn fat, build muscle and transform your body.

I know you’re pumped to get going. Gyms are packed all January. Seems everyone is in there working of their holiday indulgences.

Before you set your 2014 transformation goals don’t skip this critical step. Without out it, chances of success drop like a weighted fishing line.


Lessons can be found in the most unusual places. I saw the power of this critical step on the set of a TV show.

About 6 months ago, I went to a taping of Steve Harvey's Family Feud.

Alot goes on behind the scenes.

We’re taught how to clap. What to do when someone has a good answer. How to react to the not so good answers. How to sit. We’re even taught how to read. There's a specific way to read the missed answers when they’re displayed.

Then their's the commercial breaks. Kind of weird because the show's not live, and it's edited. But they still take time for commercial breaks.

These breaks aren't so bad. This gives the crowd time to ask Steve questions. Which were instructed on how to do too.


During one of these fake commercial breaks, Steve was telling us about his experience with the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family.

They were taping the previous day. They were doing a fundraiser episode with the Cake Boss family. Not too far into it things came to an abrupt stop. One of the Boo family members hit a wall.

I guess the stress of the show took its toll. She couldn’t go on. She needed a pick me up. Something to help her get through.

Concerned, the crew asked if she needed some water or needed to lay down.

In her weakened state she came back with…

“I need a bowl of cream corn. I can’t go on without it.” True story…

As we head into 2014 and start the new year, what’s your cream corn?

What gives you the strength to go on when things get tough?

What's behind your goals?

What drives you to drop the belly fat? What gets you to the gym to build muscle?

What drives your goals and new year’s resolutions?

Take a second and really think about why you want to change your body. Your success depends on this.

Many goals and resolutions fail because there isn’t a strong why behind them. Often we set goals based on others wants and needs. Not our own.

This doesn’t create a strong desire within us. So when things get difficult, (which they will) the motivation to continue isn’t there.

What’s your cream corn? What's the motivation behind your goal?

Find your reason why. When you do that, your goals will be that much easier to achieve.

A strong reason why and a good plan make an unstoppable combination.

Bring me your dream and I’ll give you a plan.

Helping to make 2014 yours,

Jason CSCS