Winter Workouts For Worry Free Abs


Don’t Get Behind The Summer Body Eight Ball

Winter is in full force.

Chicago set a record. The projected high for the day was the lowest high temperature in recorded history.

They’re not alone.

All across the US and Canada an extreme arctic blast is hitting. Think they call it a arctic vortex.

Even here in Atlanta we’re getting blasted.

This morning I woke up to snow flurries and reports that it’s colder here than in Alaska or Russia.

With all this cold winter weather it’s difficult to think about summer and how we’ll look sitting by the pool. But now is the time to do it.

What we do dictates tomorrow.

Changing your physique takes time.

The one day diets. The crazy 4 minute workouts. Adding 1″ to biceps in a week. It’s all a crock. Change takes time.

I have a client doing a fellowship. Not long ago he had a big test. He studied a little bit each night for at least 8 months. He didn’t wait until the night before to study. He didn’t wait the week before to study. He tackled it bit by bit.

The same thing applies to losing weight or building muscle.

The work you put in now and over the next few months will determine how you look when the summer months roll around.

Will you be fat? Or fit?

Flabby? Or tight and toned?

Wimpy? Or Jacked?

Don’t get behind the 8 ball. It’s up to you.

True. The winter months can be harsh. Between the cold and lack of daylight, activity levels drop. Food consumption increases and for many and the pounds start to add up. It tends to be a downward spiral.

Then, a few months down the road. As the weather warms up. Thoughts of summer vacations, pool parties, and trips to the beach start to take shape.

fitness-fitigueNaturally  not far behind are the thoughts of swimsuits and the summer body. What will be hanging and where.

One look down at your belly and this can trigger panic mode. You begin to think of all the work you have to do to get beach ready.

Crash diets. Starvation. Marathon sessions at the gym.

All these negative images begin to dominate your thoughts and dread sets in.

But all this can be avoided.

A little planning now. A little work now. All that will go a long way come summer.

Don’t get behind the 8 ball. Do a little now.

It doesn’t take much either.



Watch what you eat. Keep your calories in check by swap out a few high calorie low nutrient foods with tasty healthy recipes.



Hit the gym 30 minutes 3x a week for a full body workout.

If the gym isn’t for you pick a few bodyweight exercises and workout from home.


Do those two things and come summer, you’ll be ready. You won’t be under the gun to go on a crash diet or try the newest workout fad. A little today goes a long way.


Look here for the perfect winter program to the perfect summer body.




Jason, CSCS





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