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Were you surprised?

The 79th NFL draft has come and gone. There were a few unexpected surprises as things didn’t go as planned for a few future pros.

After a lot of hype Johnny Football gets passed over as top pick. The A&M star was pushed deep down in the first round.

Rising to the top was a kid from South Carolina.  His speed, power, size and strength made him the #1 draft pick for 2014.

The Houston Texans had the first overall pick. This is who they choose…

2016 Highlights of 2014 #1 NFL Draft Pick


Standing at 6’5″ and around 265lbs  hard to believe how fast this guy is. Jadeveon Clowney can cover 40 yrds in a blistering 4 and half seconds, (4.53s).

That’s power!

Now, with the draft over we have seen some amazing physiques.

For a few it’s genetics. For some it’s a lot of hard work. But to stay in the game everyone is going to have to put in the work.

A combination of exercises in and out of the weight room are used to enhance speed, power, and strength. A byproduct of that hard work is what many would consider and ideal physique.

I’ve seen this happen first hand.

Time and time again I’ve seen bodies transform after people have switched to a more athletic approach to training. You can easily do this yourself by adding in exercises like…

Plyometrics are a staple in any good athletic program because they’re an effective and powerful tool. Like nitroglycerin, plyometrics have to be handled with care. In the wrong hands serious injury can occur. But, in the hands of an experienced strength and conditioning coach plyometrics can quickly increase your speed and power.

Donald Chu, an authority on plyometric training, has recommendations for training volume in a session…

adult athletes with novice experience – 80 to 100 foot contacts per session

adult athletes with more experience – 120 to 140 foot contacts per session

For people completely new or overweight, foot contacts per session need to be kept to a minimum. Start with 10 low level plyometrics a session. Gradually work that number up to about 40 or 50.

The Olympic lifts can be difficult to learn. So don’t bother. Nonathletes can get similar benefits by using O Lift variations like, different types of clean and snatch pulls.

A couple of times a week stretch the legs and run. Keep it short and intense. The longest run I’d suggest is a 3oom shuttle. To make it more challenging set up your cones 25m apart. Counting up and back as one, do 6 of those.

To take it up a notch. Touch the the base of the cone every time you approach it.


After spending time training athletes like this. Then taking those same methods and applying them to personal training clients I’ve found this is the best method for getting the perfect body.

You don’t have to be gifted or have dreams of going to the NFL for these exercises to work.

The combination of explosive exercises. Heavy resistance training and conditioning. Turns any body type into something to be proud of.

If you’re not including these elements in your training your missing out.


Add them in and match your body respond.

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Jadeveon Clowney – NFL Pro Day – April 2, 2014

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