Workout For Busy Gyms

The Perfect Workout For Busy Gyms

How often have you been to the gym and have someone steal your equipment.  Or weight for what seems like forever as people rest and chat holding up the gym equipment you need.  Or imagine this, you’re going through your workout but it requires two different dumbbells or 2 different machines.  The problem is that these are part of a superset, you need to use them back to back.

Some days this isn’t a problem, but usually the gym is over crowed, making it close to impossible to get your quick workout in.

So what are you supposed to do?

 You have a few options,

  1. workout from home in a garage gym
  2. skip your workout and go home
  3. do a bodyweight workout
  4. disrupt your flow and risk a fight by working in with the person
  5. chose to do a dumbbell complex or barbell workout

If you chose to hord the equipment you rist making some enemies, plus you don’t want to be “that guy.” Plus, with the gym so busy to begin with, you probably wouldn’t be able to grab more than one set of dumbbells or one pice of equipment anyway.

Sure you can ask someone if you can work-in with them.  But as I said this slows you down.  You’ll inevitably have more rest time and the chances of a quick workout go out the window.

These ideas do have their time and place, but, they’re not recommended for times when you want to maximum results in minimum time, short effective workout routines.

The best solution is to do a dumbbell complex or barbell workout.  With this type of workout at your disposal, you will be able to use the same bar for your entire set.  Or you can pair up exercises and use the same dumbbell weight for pairs of exercises in your superset.  You can go one step further and combine a barbell or dumbbell exercise with a bodyweight exercise. So you’ll no longer need to change your weight or get new equipment for the second exercise.

Plus, if you want either a little variation from the traditional interval training workouts or just simply an off-day workout, then you’ll love the “Total Body Ten” bodyweight workout that I’ve also included in the program.

I’m pretty sure neither of the two scenarios listed above sounded very appealing, especially if it’s results you’re after. And when all is said and done, TT 2K6 is a great way to help you overcome busy gyms. In fact, you’ll be flying through these workouts so fast that you probably won’t even know how packed the gym is!

Don’t let a busy gym stop you from working out.  You are still able to get quick effect workouts in to help you burn fat and shape your muscles to transform your body no matter how busy the gym or the amount of equipment you have available.

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