Fitness Gurus Switcheroos

The Classic Switcheroo 

This crazy case of the classic switcheroo comes from Beijing, China.

Check this out:

Last week a young boy and his mother went to the People’s Park of Luohe Zoo in China.

The boy’s mother thought this would be a great educational experience for her son. An interactive way for him to learn about all the different animals.

All was going well until they hit an exhibit that through the two for a loop. It confused the boy. But just for a moment.

The African lion wasn’t making his customary roar the boy had learned. Instead the lion seemed to be making a noise that sounded a lot like a bark. Just like that of a dog. Something he’s heard thousands of times.

There was no fooling the little boy. Turns out the little boy knew his animals noises well.

If it looks like a dog, acts like a dog, barks like a dog; it must be a dog.

And it was.

Zoo officials had placed a Tibetan mastiff in the lions exhibit.

That wasn’t the only example of the zoo switching out animals. Dogs proved to be quite versatile in China. They’ve also used a dog for a wolf. They dyed a few dogs to look like tigers and pandas. Then used them to promote a petting zoo.

When dogs couldn’t do the job they used a white fox to step in for a leopard.

This kind of trickery is nothing new to weight loss and muscle building within the fitness industry. Definitely not new to the supplement business.

Some gurus try to pull the fur over our eyes too. The other day I mentioned TV doctors pushing unproven miracle cures. This kind of stuff happens all the time.

rebook slim and trim fitness shoes

Here are a few other examples.

Remember Reebok’s EasyTone Shoes?

They were “proven” to work your butt and hamstrings more than a regular shoe. They were coined as shoes to get strong toned legs, caves, and a firm butt.

The FTC thought differently. Rebook was ordered to refund more than $25 million in purchases.

Jamie Lee Curtis use to do ads for Dannon Activia Yogurt. Federal judge ruled that this special yogurt had a different label and a 30% higher price tag. But the insides were the same.

After a guilty verdict in a 2009 class-action lawsuit, Dannon payed out $35 million to consumers. Add to that another $21 million to the FTC.

Then there are the ads that claim you can eat all you want of all your favorite foods and still lose weight.

Sorry to say it…

Weight loss without a calorie deficit is impossible. Doesn’t matter what the diet is. Low fat, no fat. Low carb, no carb. Paleo. Akins. Doesn’t matter. There has to be a calorie deficit

Yet another guroo switcheroo. They’re everywhere. If you’re not careful they’ll try to pull the fur over your eyes.

This is one of the reasons why Fitness Doctrine has been such a blessing to so many. I cut through all the guru’s switcheroos to make weight loss and muscle building as simple and straight forward as possible. No hype. Just hard work.

If you’re willing to put in the sweat join me on the inside…

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