What Is The Best Exercise For Biceps To Get Big Arms?

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Pro Bodybuilder Ultimate Biceps Building Tips

 Want bigger arms?

Looking to get big biceps peaks?

Ben “Pak Man” Pakulski shares a few great tips on building bigger biceps.

Before you watch Ben in action I suggest you check out 4 Unconventional Tricks To Build Bigger Arms. It address a fe common errors I see in gym everywhere. Don’t let mistakes hold you back.


I wanted to share this video with you because Ben covers a simple tweak. I love to share tips that don’t take much effort to implement but pay off huge. This is one of those tips.

This one little adjustment will help you get more out of your curls, and inches to your arms.

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Want bigger biceps? You better be sure you’re doing THIS

Ben’s Thoughts On Big Biceps

What I like about Ben is that he’s smart. Everything he does is backed by science and deep thought. All that’s followed up by application. He’s been lifting and competing since high school. Throughout his journey he’s always sought out quality coaches to help and learn from.


It’s All About The Load

When you’re talking about building muscle and lifting weights there has to be a consideration to loading. Ben addresses this right out of the gate.

Too many guys feel as though their training session is like a powerlifting competition. They are constantly trying to out lift everyone in the gym. A little competition is  good. You want to push yourself.

You have to be smart about it though.

Everyday can’t be pedal to the floor. Being king of the hill today can mean trouble tomorrow. But a smart progression will always pay dividends in the long run.

I’m not saying be a wimp either. Don’t be that guy lifting the same weight every session for week after week, month after month.

Use a load that challenges you but allows you to complete your exercise with proper form. A load that allows you to contract the targeted muscles properly.

how to build big biceps

Biceps Muscle Design

Something that people often neglect to think about is what’s the function of the targeted muscle. This is critical to growth. If you’re not doing what the muscle is designed to do you’re not going to get maximum growth.

Function of biceps – To flex the elbow, supinate the forearm and shoulder flexion.

If you’re not working all functions biceps growth will be limited.


Curls That Build Muscle

There are a few different ways to get maximum results from your curls.

This is the most basic method:

  • Hold dumbbell in the middle
  • Squeeze dumbbell with pinky fingers
  • Supinate hand as much as possible as you curl
  • Body and upper arm remain motionless
  • Rotate hand as weight is lowered
  • Fully extend arm at bottom of exercise

A common error is to squeeze dumbbell with thumb and pointer finer and allow pinky fingers to get lazy.

Standard curls work biceps through their mid range.

Working your biceps on a high cable pulley works the muscle through a short range.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to get a good biceps workout. 15 minutes is plenty. Do a few exercises hitting it from different angles. After a good warm up 3 or 4 sets per exercise is plenty. Vary your rep range from 8 to 15.


Dumbbell Biceps Variations

High Cable Curl

Or what I like to call vanity curls. This hist your guys in a shortened position.

I see many guys set up way too high. I like to see the pulley just below your shoulder. This allows you lift your arm slightly to get tension in your biceps before you start.

This exercise doesn’t look much different that any other version. Squeeze you pinky fingers. Keep upper arm still.

This part may be the only twist. Finish with fist behind your ear.

Incline DB Curls

To works biceps from a fully lengthened position use and incline bench. Rules don’t change with this exercise either.


In this video below Ben and Coach Poliquin go through a few different biceps curl variations. All with just a dumbbell.


Jason, CSCS



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