Beware, The Fitness Fugayzies Are Everywhere.

waring weight loss and muscle buildingFitness Fugayzies

Don’t eat this death-sentence carb, ever! (Backed by hard science.)

4 Minute Set Gives You 12 Pounds of Muscle In 6 Weeks.

The #1 worst workout of all time, you’re likely doing it! (Extremely Important!!)

Lose a pound in 15 minutes, crazy but true!

Discover How You Can Gain Up To 5… 10… 15… & Even 20 Pounds Of PURE Muscle In Just 21 Days.


A carb that’s going to kill you.

The craziness doesn’t stop.

Almost instant fat loss and muscle building.

If it was that easy to burn fat and build muscle, there wouldn’t be enough magazines for everyones cover shot.


When I see headlines like the ones above. It makes me think of what McConaughey said in Wolf of Wall Street…

“Fugayzi, Fugahzi, it’s a wahzi, it’s a woozie, it’s a fairy dust.”


I don’t think I’m alone in seeing these messages. I willing to bet you’ve seen, read or heard a headline like those above. Probably even today. They’re everywhere.

The internet, magazines, and TV are littered with these false claims.

Take a look at the popular Dr Oz show. He’s made many weight loss claims…

“magic in a bottle”

“it’s a weight loss miracle”

“The Holy Grail of Weight Loss”

None of his diet miracle remedies had the scientific proof to back up the claims. Eventually Oz was questioned about the use of his flowery language.


Bold Promises

There are too many of these fitness fugazies running around promoting false claims and magic potions.

Their slick marketing and bold promises. Though, lies is more fitting. These lies offer hope where there was just frustration. With judgement clouded by hope, it becomes difficult to know what’s real and what’s well packaged snake oil.

We want to believe.

If you’re a skinny guy who struggled to build muscle. It’s nice to think that there’s a secret out there. One that is closely guarded. One so important only a few have access to. One that can help you gain 41 pounds of lean muscle mass in just 24 weeks. (<– real heading) Allowing you to go from scrawny to brawny.


If you’ve struggled to lose weight.

You’ve tried everything but the weight keeps coming back. Then you see a fitness fugazie (in disguise) swear by Garcinia Cambogia. He tells you that this holy grail of weight loss can burn your stubborn fat.

Wait, it gets better…

you don’t need to exercise or go on a diet. The supplement does all the work.


fitness fugazies in disguiseDifficult To Spot

These fitness fugazies are difficult to sniff out. They blend in so well.

They look like you, me, and everyone else.

The worst offenders are masters of disguise. They take on roles that add an extra element of deception.

Some will get in incredible shape to look the part.

Some end up on TV and become celebrity trainers.

Others hide behind initials surrounding their name, like PhD or Dr.

This extra layer of deception makes sniffing them out that much more difficult.


How To Spot A Fitness Fugazi

There a couple of ways to know if you’re dealing with one of these imposters. It takes a little work and surveillance.

  • If they promise big results and no effort. You know you're dealing with a fitness fugazies.
  • If their solution seams too good to be true. You know you're dealing with a fitness fugazies.
  • If you notice every other week or every month they "stumble" on a new miracle to lose weight or build muscle. You know you're dealing with a fitness fugazies.

Their snake oil comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it’s a hormone.

Sometimes it’s a rare rediscovered herb.

Sometimes the get creative and introduce a new exercise gadget.

Whatever their product. It’s always the latest and greatest…

“the quickest way to add lean muscle without the fat”
“the newest, fastest fat buster”



Weight loss isn’t complicated. Muscle building is straightforward. But neither are easy.

There’s nothing magical about burning fat or building muscle. And there aren’t any shortcuts. It takes and effort. Anyone telling you otherwise is a fugazi.
Avoid the them. Stick with the basics. It may not be sexy. It’s going to be hard work….
But it will work.

If you want a quick fix you’ll have to look elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a system that does work. One that has helped thousands of people build lean muscle, lose weight, keep it off, and look better then ever.

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Jason, CSCS





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