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Building muscle and burning fat can be difficult without the right program. If you’re looking for a program that can help you get in shape and transforme your body you’ll be able to find it on these pages.

Fitness doctrine discusses and outlines the top workout routines for both muscle building and fat burning so you are able to find a workout program that best suits you.

The George Costanza School Of Fitness

How To Burn Fat And Build Muscle Using The George Costanza Principle

How To Get Results Using The George Costanza Principle Bust Through Fat Loss And Muscle Building Plateaus To Make Consistent Gains It’s not uncommon to run into sticking points or hit a plateau on your muscle building and fat burning transformation. This can be extremely frustrating. Especially when everything that’s supposed to work doesn’t seem to…

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Do TV Dr.’s Have Your Best Interest In Mind?


Just Because You’re Called Doctor… Does That Mean I Should Trust You?   I’ve been involved with muscle building, weight loss, and fitness all my life. I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks. Sadly, I’ve fell for a few of them myself. Like eating every 2 or 3 hours to get the metabolism and muscle building going at full…

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How To Burn Fat Build Muscle Transform Your Body And Get Results

The Secret To Burn Fat And Build Muscle I find it amazing where you can find lessons and the secrets to life’s problems. The other day I was thinking about what it takes to burn fat and build muscle. Maybe it was this video that got me to thinking about how people can make incredible body…

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Bulgarian Bag Training

Transform Your Body With Bulgarian Bag Training   You may be saying Bulgarian what. It was kind of new to me too. Bulgarian Bag Training is something I was introduced to by my buddy Troy. I think you’ll love it. It’s fun, versatile, and will make the perfect addition to your home gym. If you have…

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One Rep Max Calculator

One Rep Max Calculator

Chart and Calculator To Predict Your 1 RM A One Repetition Maximum, or your 1RM is the WEIGHT you can perform an exercise with ONCE. The one rep max calculator is an essential tool when it comes to building muscle and increasing strength. Knowing your 1RM for the majority of your lifts like the bench, squat, and deadlift is needed in…

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101 Best Workout Songs

101 best workout songs

Best Workout Songs…  Workout Music To Help Get Pumped Up Going to workout, need some pump up music.  Or just looking for good music to work out to. I have put together a list of best workout songs for your exercise playlist… 101 Best Workout Songs Bodybuilding workouts can be quite intense and hard work, and there is nothing like…

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Barbell Complex Workout Routines

Barbell Complex Workout

How To Use The Barbell Complex To Build Muscle and Burn Fat A barbell complex workout is perfect if you have have just set up your garage gym and the only exercise equipment you have is an Olympic barbell and bumper plates. You can really use it anytime for a great workout. On the other hand, you…

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Workout For Busy Gyms

The Perfect Workout For Busy Gyms How often have you been to the gym and have someone steal your equipment.  Or weight for what seems like forever as people rest and chat holding up the gym equipment you need.  Or imagine this, you’re going through your workout but it requires two different dumbbells or 2…

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Dumbbell Upper Back Exercises


Dumbbell Upper Back Exercises Work Your Lats Using These Exercises Dumbbell upper back exercises are often overlooked. That’s too bad because a wide upper back can help your waist look smaller and give you that lean yet muscular look that everyone finds so attractive. Today I want to share with you a dumbbell exercises you can incorporate…

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