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Building muscle and burning fat can be difficult without the right program. If you’re looking for a program that can help you get in shape and transforme your body you’ll be able to find it on these pages.

Fitness doctrine discusses and outlines the top workout routines for both muscle building and fat burning so you are able to find a workout program that best suits you.

Lose Weight And Build Muscle On Vacation Without Hitting The Gym

How to get your perfect body while on vacation

Are the summer vacations and weekend BBQs wreaking havoc on your workouts? Are they keeping you clear of the gym? You’re not alone. This time of year gyms are like ghost towns. For 95% of

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The Total Package Speed Size Strength

Were you surprised? The 79th NFL draft has come and gone. There were a few unexpected surprises as things didn’t go as planned for a few future pros. After a lot of hype Johnny Football gets passed over as top pick. The A&M star was pushed deep down in the first round. Rising to the top was a…

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Workout Q&A

Fitness Doctrine Q&A Workout Intensity

I love getting your emails. Thanks. And keep sending them in. I have a good one to share with you today. It’s from Pamela, and she’s new to my methods but not to exercises. She has a great question that you’ve probably thought about yourself. She brings up a good question about where to start and how…

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Be An Artist – Mold & Transform Your Physique

Change your body - Every stone has statue discover it

Anyone Can Build Muscle & Burn Fat To Transform Their Body Growing up it would be fair to say that I was a skinny kid. Some might even say rail thin. That’s to be expected. Back in the day, video games sucked. So I was always outside. Always on the go. Since we lived in…

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Winter Workouts For Worry Free Abs


Don’t Get Behind The Summer Body Eight Ball Winter is in full force. Chicago set a record. The projected high for the day was the lowest high temperature in recorded history. They’re not alone. All across the US and Canada an extreme arctic blast is hitting. Think they call it a arctic vortex. Even here…

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Craziest Source Of Motivation


Happy New Year! Time to get serious. Time to burn fat, build muscle and transform your body. I know you’re pumped to get going. Gyms are packed all January. Seems everyone is in there working of their holiday indulgences. Before you set your 2014 transformation goals don’t skip this critical step. Without out it, chances…

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Pumping Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Movie

Pumping Iron Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumping Iron may have been the first bodybuilding movie. There’s no question that it helped make bodybuilding popular. It definitely started a muscle building craze and boosted fitness magazine Starring alongside Arnold were a few other big names within bodybuilding: Louis Ferrigno Franco Columbu Serge Nubret Frank Zane Ken Waller Mike…

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How To Get A Healthy Pain Free Back


Bye Bye Back Pain Discover How to Prevent And Treat Back Pain Back pain is something that affects a vast majority of people. Doesn’t matter if you workout or not. There is a good chance that you will experience back pain at some point in your life. Watch as injury specialist Rick Kaselj talks about…

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To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Push Your Limits

change your mind to change your body

Muscle Building Fat Burning Motivation Monday Today I thought I’d take a moment to help get your mind right. Muscle building and weight loss can be a hard battle to fight. Without constant motivation and support it can be easy to let goals and dreams slip away. We don’t want that!   Life can get…

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Fitness Gurus Switcheroos

The Classic Switcheroo  This crazy case of the classic switcheroo comes from Beijing, China. Check this out: Last week a young boy and his mother went to the People’s Park of Luohe Zoo in China. The boy’s mother thought this would be a great educational experience for her son. An interactive way for him to…

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